Gate 36 - Patience

Hidden Path 4 of the Tree of Life

Flows between Unconditional Love & Compassion

Crystal Combination - Rose Quartz & Angelite

Dictionary Meaning:- Patience - Calm, endurance under provocation, tolerable.

This path flows between Unconditional Love and Compassion. Here once again, we see how Patience ties in with the last three paths, for they all flow from that most important of paths, Unconditional Love. Patience is in perfect balance with Tolerance as Compassion is in balance with its opposite of Justice / Dispassion. These four paths are in reality the apex of the All That Is in your life, for Unconditional Love is the perfect love of the Creator.

As you bring light to each of your paths, you can see just how needful it is for balance and to be in harmony with each other, so that life can be one most beautiful song, harmonising and in perfect pitch. Love is patient and kind. You need Patience to bring love to perfection. You need love to show compassion. Your journey to self mastery has been long and arduous and filled with the need for Patience. How many times have you heard the expression “ I can’t wait for the day to come.”? But as you have found with all the steps, each must be taken at its own time, within its own slot.  Therefore all must be worked upon with the utmost of Patience, looking forward, seeing the light ahead, patiently pacing toward that light which signifies the ultimate aim in your journey to self mastery.

Patience is a small word, tying together all the loose ends to all the paths upon the journey of life. All the words of the book of life are such simple words, yet unless they are used together as one, the path will stretch to such great lengths, it will need all of your patience to traverse them.  I hope I have given you something to think upon to make your journey easier for you. Study and see for yourself just how much each path depends upon the other to be able to have them work to their full capacity.


  • How patient are you?  Think back many years to the times you felt impatient.  How would you or how do you feel in similar situations today?
  • If you can see that you have gained a measure of Patience over the years then try to see what has enabled you to achieve this.  This may be useful to you in helping an impatient person to gain Patience.
  • If you can’t see much improvement then take the time to work on this issue.  It may be helpful to speak to other people about Patience and what ideas they have to improve their levels of Patience.