Gate 35 - Tolerance

Hidden Path 3 of the Tree of Life

Flows between Unconditional Love & Justice/Dispassion

Crystal Combination - Rose Quartz & Unakite

Dictionary Meaning:- Tolerance - willingness to allow to exist or be practiced without interference or harsh judgment; permitted variation in dimension, weight etc.

Tolerance, hidden path 3, flows between Unconditional Love and Justice/Dispassion. Now this is a wonderful place for Tolerance to reside, for Tolerance needs to have a great degree of Unconditional Love to take from it the seeming harshness that sometimes comes with its implementation. It gives it the reality of Forgiveness and love no matter what the situation, for mostly Tolerance is used in line with a deed not too well done.

At the other end of the path we have Justice / Dispassion, to temper any anger that you may feel about the given situation as it arises, for Justice/Dispassion allows you to be able step back without being emotional. You also use the stepping back that Justice /Dispassion gives you, to appraise of the situation, whilst using Unconditional Love to soften the problem.

The path Tolerance flows in either direction, in and out of Unconditional Love and Justice Dispassion. This is the beauty of their place upon the tree, for each may be needed, one at the time or both together. You have love on the one hand and the lack of emotion on the other to handle the situation. Each day you will find a need for the use of Tolerance. To be Just, you need to be Tolerant. It is one of life’s gifts to you, giving you the reason to be humane and be ever alert to the many lessons that seem to arise on your path of return. Tolerance allows you to be non-judgmental of others and brings order to any given problem.

There are many types of Tolerance, the Tolerance to pain, Tolerance to heat. There is bearable Tolerance for you need tolerance to bear the pain of the heavy loads that are part of your training. Tolerance can help you to resist what is wrong. Also to be more compassionate when others are intolerant of you and your needs and ideas. Many of the metals of today can only be used together if there is a Tolerance between them. You see this in magnets used improperly; they will not tolerate each other.

Your world is always being plunged into war through lack of Tolerance; therefore it is imperative to start being tolerant now so that more and more people start to spread the Tolerance to bring peace about for your world.

There is so much in this word that can help your light shine to a more beautiful degree.  It is important to always look at these words, along with the paths they flow between.  In looking at the source of the flow to and from the combining paths, comes the answer to how these paths help in the solution to any question that may arise in their use.


  • You can make a difference to the world levels of Tolerance by taking care of your own “backyard”.  Have a really honest look at your own Tolerance levels.  Pick out all the areas in which you can become more tolerant and set out to achieve this.  You will not only bring more peace into your own life but you will bring peace to others and set an example that will be followed.
  • A thought:  Are there aspects of yourself that you can’t tolerate?