Gate 34 - Faith

Hidden Path 2 of the Tree of Life

Flows between Unconditional Love & Serenity

Crystal Combination - Rose Quartz & Amethyst

Dictionary Meaning:- Faith - Trust, belief, loyalty, fidelity.

Our second path is the path of Faith, which flows between Unconditional Love and Serenity. Therefore, Trust and Faith sit upon the tree as opposites, in perfect balance with each other. As scales need balance, so too does your structure need balance. Look at these paths as your Spiritual bone structure, for as you need bones to hold your physical frame together, so too does your spiritual body need that perfect balance. These two have Unconditional Love in common, giving them a very close relationship to each other. To have one, it is very hard to not have the other. So then to have that Faith, Trust, and confidence in yourself, your need for balance between them is of great importance.

By allowing people to see your Faith, Trust and confidence, you will enable them to have Faith and Trust in you. Make sure that you build that faith also in yourself. Now build within you a very strong bond with these two paths and in all things that are honourable. To have Faith is to be serene in your outlook. Then you will see the balance coming into play in your every day lives. When looking around, you can see just how much trouble there is in your world, for the Nations have not learned to trust each other, nor to have enough Faith in themselves to teach by example the art of Unconditional Love. They have yet to find True Humility and Serenity, balance them and then let them work for them. It is going to take many like you to show the way. Therefore it is important for you to study and live these new paths as an example to others to do likewise.

Faith is gentle and kind and overcomes all adversities. Faith and trust is the belief in self and using that belief to cultivate in others the balance of Unconditional Love in all aspects of life, in balance and harmony with all other things living, for they are all from the same source.  There is so much I want you to learn within these paths, but as each is different for you all, you interpret each, together and apart for your own Spiritual growth. Some things you will share, but ultimately each is very much an individual person. Once more I leave you to study just what Faith means to you.


  • In your meditation time think about what Faith means to you.
  • What do you have Faith in? Do you have Faith in yourself?  Why do you have that Faith?  It may be useful to write these observations down.
  • Can you Trust in what you have Faith in?  If so, why?