Gate 33 - Trust

Hidden Path 1 of the Tree of Life

Flows between Unconditional Love & True Humility

Crystal Combination - Rose Quartz & Chrysoprase

Dictionary Meaning:- Trust - Loyal, firm belief, true, commitment.

This first path that we look at on the Invisible/Hidden paths is called Trust. The place upon the tree is between Unconditional Love and True Humility. What better places to choose to search for one’s own true self. This path will take you on a journey of self- appraisal, of who you are and what you want to be. Firstly you need to look and see just how much you have achieved and how far you have travelled. By seeing how you have dealt with all of the trials, along with all the good times in your life, you will be surprised at the growth you have acquired.

By seeing this, it should bring you to be able to trust your own judgment. For if you have been honest with yourself, you will know that you can indeed be a trustworthy person. In one way or another, at some time you will find the need to teach someone something. I am sure you would like to be able to do the teaching with honour and truth and have that person see you as a person of great trust. Trust is acquired by using Unconditional Love and True Humility, not by being over bearing and loud. To help others you need to have that perfect Trust, that absolute Trust in yourself and in your ability to show it in your manner.

So how do you want to teach? By showing that you are truly Trustworthy? That you have earned that Trust through using Unconditional Love and True Humility at all times to influence your thinking?

The principle way you can teach is to think carefully about what you are going to do, or think before you speak or take action, to trust in your beliefs, then teach by example. Your aim is to show how, by letting True Humility and Unconditional Love help you to become trustworthy, then people will see your truth and know they can trust you.

Trust is to have confidence, a high regard for yourself and others, also by being loyal, faithful; true, honourable and steadfast; to believe the person you are dealing with is reliable and trustworthy in His/ Her actions.

In my introduction I spoke of the colours you can acquire on your climb to the higher dimensions. Those who are aware of their auras know that they can change constantly. Every mood has an effect upon them. When you learn the truths of your hidden self and act upon them, your aura changes and becomes entirely individual and static. You will then be known by those colours for all eternity. I ask you to look upon these 16 hiddens with much care, as you will become your true self in their use.


  • I want you to set aside some time by yourself to meditate, contemplate or simply consider the issue of Trust.
  • Is there someone in your life who you don’t trust?  If so, why don’t you trust them?
  • Do you trust yourself?  Write down the aspects of yourself that you trust and the reasons for this trust.  If you also have aspects don’t trust in your self then write down the reasons why not. 
  • Consider the people in your life whom you trust.  What qualities do they have that inspires that trust?  It may be useful to write these observations down.