Gate 32 - Service

Path 32 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Administrative

Name Mark or Cross

Crystal - Aquamarine

Dictionary Meaning:- Service  -  An act of helpful activity, occupation or employment as a servant.

The 32nd path flows between the Foundation of Innocence/Harmlessness and the Kingdom of the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. The spiritual attribute of path 32 is Service, the intelligence is the Administrative Intelligence and its name is Mark or Cross.

A lot of people in your world don't like administration and administrators, but don’t look upon the Administrative Intelligence in that light. It is a spiritual administration and a taking charge of your own spiritual growth, in Service.

Nothing will ever come to anyone on the spiritual path if they just sit back and think about it. We do place a great emphasis on thinking, meditating and contemplating, but that is only the half of it. The other half is actively applying the principles and knowledge gained, in Service.

Service can be working as a volunteer in some worthwhile organisation. It can be Service among your family, simply because you are a better person because you have put certain spiritual principals into practice in your life.

Service has nothing to do with exalted positions, although people can serve in such places. You serve wherever you are and take whatever opportunities come to you. You serve under the great administration of the Hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood knows what needs to be done on this planet, knows where each and every one of its members can serve the best and places the opportunity for that best Service in front of them. Therefore you serve where you are and you can be assured that you are serving in the right place.

Just note where this path is, between Innocence/Harmlessness and the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. In your Service you are ever harmless, ever innocent of hurting anyone or doing anything wrong. You serve with all the light of your spiritual being. You throw your light around everywhere you go. That is a part of your Service.

I feel a great excitement about this path of Service.  You can choose to walk this path of Service into your future. You can serve where you are placed. You can bring to your Service all of your knowledge, all of your wisdom, all of your understanding that you have gained from the Tree of Life so far, plus what you will gain as you continue.

Path 32 is considered the last path. However there is a 33rd invisible path, which consists of the 16 Invisible Paths of Wisdom of the Tree of Life Life and the invisible Sephirah called Daath.


  • I hope that I have instilled in you now a love of this Tree of Life and of the knowledge and wisdom that it can give you.
  • I have only sown seeds with these lessons. Let them grow. Learn more from the Tree of Life. Let it bear fruit and spread that fruit around you in your Service over the next years.
  • This last exercise should never finish.