Gate 31 - Purity

Path 21 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Perpetual

Name - Tooth or Fang

Crystal - Red-Orange Calcite

Dictionary Meaning:- Pure  -  Free from extraneous matter, or from mixture with anything of a different inferior or contaminating kind, being that and nothing else, mere, clean, spotless, untainted with evil, innocent.

Path 31 flows between the Splendour of True Humility and the Kingdom of the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. The spiritual attribute of path 31 is Purity and the intelligence is the Perpetual Intelligence. Its name is Tooth or Fang.

Do not confuse Purity with the Pure Intelligence that gives us Innocence/Harmlessness at path 9. This Purity that belongs on path 31 is the Purity gained through being in the fire - the purificatory fire. Many of you have heard that terminology in mystical writings. Everything has to go through the purificatory fire, to be refined to spiritual perfection.  Path 31 is the Path of the Purificatory Fire.

You enter into the fire and you burn away the “dross”. This is what the alchemists of olden times were talking about when they mixed their bits and pieces in crucibles and applied the fire to burn away the dross so that the pure metal would remain.  They presented a spiritual (metaphysical) process in physical terms to conceal it from those who would persecute them for their beliefs. When you started walking the Spiritual Path you entered the fire. Your lower self is burning away, so to speak, so that you are gradually working more as your Higher Self.

When your Higher Self rules you are a perpetual living fire. This part of the symbology of the eternal flame.

You cannot survive the purificatory fire without True Humility.  Unless you have that you just stay in the fire to burn away and all that is left of you is ashes. Oh yes, you rise again from the ashes like the phoenix, you start again and you enter the fire again but without the True Humility the process will just continue. You get burnt away, you rise again, you enter the fire and every time that inflated ego brings you down.

With True Humility you stay in the fire and only the dross is burned away and the pure living fiery soul stands firm within the fire. It can remain in the fire without being burned. It can enter into and out of the flame, it doesn't matter, it's all the same.

At the end of this path is the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. That is what you are becoming. Eventually you will live in your spiritual vehicle on the spiritual plane, no longer needing the lessons of the physical plane.

When your time comes that last fire will appear and one who is already in their flaming body of light will reach out and you can take their hand and enter into the next plane of your being.


  • I want you to meditate on Purity each day for seven days. 
  • At the end of each meditation write down the insights you received. 
  • At the end of the seven days summarise what you got for the week.  I expect you will be very surprised at what you have been given.