Gate 30 - Brotherhood

Path 30 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Collecting

Name - Face

Crystal - Chalcedony Beings

Dictionary Meaning:- Brother  -  A member of the same kinship group, nationality, profession, an associate, a fellow countryman, fellow man, member of a religious organisation which has a priest. ~ Hood  -  A body of persons of a particular character or class.

Path 30 flows between the Splendour of True Humility and the Foundation of Innocence/Harmlessness. The spiritual attribute of path 30 is Brotherhood, the intelligence is the Collective Intelligence and its name is Face.

A Brotherhood is a collection of people of like minds or like beliefs. Spiritual Brotherhoods like the Great White Brotherhood or the Universal Brotherhood of Light are where people of like thought, aspirations and goals are drawn together to share their knowledge and learning. They collect together and collect others to them in order to share their knowledge and their experience.

There is always a hierarchy in Brotherhood where those who have gone before, learned the lessons and gained the wisdom, serve by at the top by spreading their light to those lower down.

The Brotherhood that I want to focus on is the Great White Brotherhood or Hierarchy, as it is also known.

Only those with True Humility are admitted into the Hierarchy.  Many spiritual aspirants are pupils of members of the hierarchy long before they are themselves admitted. 

If you hear people publicly saying they are members of the White Brotherhood or Hierarchy then be wary. They maybe telling the truth for there are times when members have to make this known.  Usually it is in private gatherings and to trusted people.

Sometimes those who have just recently found their way into the ranks of the hierarchy have times when their ego steps forward and it is ego that sprouts, "I'm a member of this, I am a member of that". These people usually become very quiet about the aforesaid membership very quickly.

Those in the Hierarchy also have that quality of Innocence/Harmlessness. The Brothers and Sisters of Light act and speak in harmlessness. Those members on the physical plane do slip up at times and do harm by thought, speech, or action. When it is brought to their attention, they do all that they can to make up for it.

Now I am brought to that great collection, the Brotherhood of Man, humanity. I say the Brotherhood of Man because the collective term for humanity is “man”. As we walk the path of return we collect ourselves to ourselves. Smaller groups collecting into larger groups, larger groups collecting into larger, collecting into even larger until eventually we are back to that one pool of consciousness from which we came.


  • The Collective Intelligence and the Brotherhood of Man are seen working everywhere. The Red Cross/Crescent is one example of this.  Take some time to think about some of these organisations that work in Harmlessness and True Humility for the betterment of humanity.
  • Can you see that they are a part of the great Plan for humanity?
  • Where do you fit into this great Plan?