Gate 2 - Conscience

Path 3 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Sanctifying

Name - Understanding

Crystal - Pietersite

Dictionary Meaning:- Conscience - Moral sense of right and wrong; consciousness of moral quality of one's actions or motives.

The next path to consider is the third path, the Sanctifying Intelligence, which means to sanctify or make holy. Its name is Understanding and the spiritual attribute of the third path is Conscience.

You use your Conscience to firstly bring about Justice in your own life before attempting to bring about Justice in other people’s lives.

Your Conscience tells you what is right and what is wrong.  You were probably brought up by people who impressed their ideals and beliefs upon you and you did not question those beliefs because you trusted those people who were raising you.  Your Conscience guided you to accept and to act upon what you were told. 

Not all people and societies have the same beliefs – you follow society’s beliefs so you may live in harmony with others and not get into trouble.  As you get older you may decide to change some of your beliefs.  You use the Sanctifying Intelligence to make the rules of your own Justice system.  Your Conscience is activated to prompt you to abide by those rules you have sanctified.  For example, if you tell yourself it is not right to act in anger but to use dispassion in your life, your Conscience will remind you when you act in anger.

Your Conscience will only kick in when you have made the rules.  It won’t be as strong if you have someone else tell you which rules you should make.

Your Conscience is directly linked to your Higher Self, but you still have the free will whether to listen to your Conscience or not. There is nothing that any of these teachings can do to alter that fact. The only thing you can't do is to be protected against love. Love will protect you from everything except yourself. This is where you have to take responsibility for your own growth and happiness. All these teachings can do is to help you to know how to do this.

The name of this path is Understanding.  Understanding how to use your Conscience as an aid to spiritual growth will help you to weed out those outmoded rules of your being and replace them with rules which are more appropriate to you as you grow spiritually stronger.  Your Conscience will automatically adjust and guide you accordingly.


  • “The only thing you can't do is to be protected against love.”  What do you think I mean by this statement? 
  • I want you to become aware of your Conscience at work in your daily life. At some point in each day this week I want you to review your day and note any instances of your Conscience ‘speaking’ to you.
  • This is also a good time to reinforce that commitment you made to Dispassion in the exercise of the last lesson.  Note in your journal how well your Conscience reminds you of Dispassion when you get angry.
  • Be honest with yourself and note the times you took notice and the times you ignored your Conscience