Gate 29 - Illumination

Path 29 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Corporeal

Name - Back of Head

Crystal - Sodalite

Dictionary Meaning:- Illuminate  -  To supply with light, light up, to enlighten, as with knowledge.

Path 29 flows between the Victory of Serenity and the Kingdom of the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. The spiritual attribute of path 29 is Illumination and the intelligence is the Corporeal Intelligence.  Its name is Back of the Head.

The Corporeal Intelligence is the intelligence of bodies or consciousness of bodies. You know that you have a physical body that you can see.  You also have an emotional body, a mental body and a spiritual body. In all, you have four bodies corresponding to the four worlds, the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. Notice that Illumination flows into your spiritual body which is path 10, the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle.

Illumination in mystical terms is that spark of knowledge, understanding, wisdom, or insight that one gains, usually in a meditative state. Sometimes it can come upon you at any time even when you are preoccupied with earthly matters. This Illumination comes from the spiritual realms, the highest realms, down into your daily life consciousness. It is the Corporeal Intelligence, this consciousness of bodies, that brings this Illumination from your spiritual body into your mental body to your waking consciousness.

Just as in Spiritual Attunement, for Illumination to come to you, you need to be in a state of Serenity, calm, non-confusion.

If you want to know more about Illumination then you need to meditate more.  In meditation to gain Illumination you need to have a question. It is no good to just sit there, protect yourself with white light, raise yourself as high as you can go or sit in a special place and just sit. You have to have a question for Illumination to come. The answer to the question is the Illumination. 

Sometimes you have asked the question many times in meditation or just as you go about your daily life without the answer coming.  Then one day you are meditating without having asked a question and the Illumination comes to you.


  • When you are practiced at meditation you find that as you serenely move around in your daily life it is as if you are in constant meditation. You can ask your questions and Illumination will come.
  • You can “kick start” this unconscious process by consciously doing it.  Next time you are doing an ordinary task and feeling quite calm and at peace with the world start to contemplate on some spiritual subject.  Just let you mind wander with it and eventually you will have flashes of Illumination as you work.

NOTE: please make sure that when you do this it is quite safe for you to be letting your mind wander from the task at hand.  For instance it is not a good idea to do this while operating machinery or driving a car.