Gate 28 - Spiritual Attunement

Path 28 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Natural

Name - Fish Hook

Crystal - Black Kyanite

Dictionary Meaning:- Spiritual  -  Pertaining to or consisting of spirit or non-physical being. ~ Attune  -   To adjust to tune or harmony, bring into accord.

Path 28 flows between The Foundation of Innocence/Harmlessness and the Victory of Serenity. The spiritual attribute of path 28 is Spiritual Attunement, the intelligence is the Natural Intelligence and its name is Fish Hook.

The Natural Intelligence is the intelligence of the nature of things whether it is a person, a plant, a rock, a planet, or the universe and all that exists.  It is the intelligence of all natural things. Spiritual Attunement goes with the Natural Intelligence because when you attune to anything you attune to its nature and get a sense of its essence.

When you speak to your spiritual teachers who work with you, you will be able to tell whom it is you are attuned to because they all have a different nature.

Spiritual Attunement flows between Serenity and Innocence/Harmlessness.  This tells you that to attempt to attune to anything or anyone you have to be in a state of serenity, even if only temporarily. To develop your Spiritual Attunement, you must have your foundation in Innocence/Harmlessness. Until you have purified your foundation you will not be able to attune to the higher realms of spirit. 

A lot of people get into trouble because they think they have attuned to the higher realms of spirit, but in actual fact they have attuned to the astral realms, which are the realms of illusion and glamour.  There is some truth there but it is cloaked with much untruth. 

Forget about attunement unless you are also prepared to work upon purifying your lower nature to bring it under the control you your higher nature. That is the key to success.

You must also bring about a state of Serenity into your life so that you can temporarily and put aside all the confusion of the hustle and bustle of modern existence, with all its concerns of making money, spending money, having a bigger and better house or car etc.  All these worries and concerns lower your vibrations and make it impossible to attune to the higher realms.

By following these lessons you will find that you can spiritually attune more and more.


  • Try attuning to the nature of things.  If you have a pet try to attune to it and get a feel for its nature.  You can do this with plants, rocks, earth or manufactured objects.
  • Write down the results of your attunement.