Gate 27 - Spiritual Valour

Path 27 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Exciting

Name - Mouth

Crystal - Lapis Lazuli

Dictionary Meaning:- Spiritual  -  Pertaining to or consisting of spirit or non-physical being. ~ Valour  -  Bravery or heroic courage, especially in battle.

The 27th path flows between the Splendour of True Humility and the Victory of Serenity. The spiritual attribute of path 27 is Spiritual Valour and the intelligence is the Exciting Intelligence.  Its name is Mouth.

The knights of old exercised valour through the pursuit of glory and honour by upholding the ideals of the monarchy, protecting the weak, and defending their principles to the death.

Spiritual Valour does not relate to physical battles and war, but the spiritual battle between good and so called evil.  This is the battle fought by the spiritual warrior who upholds the highest spiritual principles.

The Exciting intelligence excites you to use your courage to stand up for what is right and just and to “right” bad situations.  You are not to focus on the person or the people involved, but look to see if the situation is or will be negative or positive in its result.  When you “right” a negative situation you should be serene in the knowledge that you stood up to something that was not right.

If you are given praise for having done so, then it should be accepted with True Humility.

The first battle of the spiritual warrior is the battle of the Higher Self with the Lower Self, bringing the Lower Self, by the control of the Higher Self, into alignment with the God Self, which is in alignment with the Most High God.

Focus on winning this first battle.

I want to excite you into becoming a spiritual warrior. When that first great battle has been won you can then go on to other battles that the spiritual warrior must fight on the path of return.


  • I want you to compile a list of qualities that a spiritual warrior should have.  Take several days to do this.  Meditate on this for a short time each day and add to your list.
  • When you have compiled your list I want you to tick off all of those qualities you already have.  Please be honest with your ticks.  Most likely you will have some of them but not all.
  • Choose one of the qualities that you do not yet have and set attaining that as one of you immediate spiritual goals.
  • Now work on attaining this goal.