Gate 26 - Initiation

Path 26 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Renewing

Name - Eye

Crystal - Labradorite

Dictionary Meaning:- Initiate - to begin, originate or to introduce, as into a position or club, usually with rites or ceremony.  Also to instruct in fundamentals or principles.

Path 26 flows between the Beauty of Integrity and the Splendour of True Humility. The spiritual attribute of path 26 is Initiation and the intelligence is the Renewing Intelligence. Its name is Eye.

Initiation is not something you can acquire as an attribute of itself, but it is a process that you go through. It goes very well with the Renewing Intelligence because every time you undergo an Initiation a renewing takes place. The person who started out at the beginning of the initiation period is not the same person who emerges at the other end of the process. There is a renewing whereby you are reborn without dying.

Much has been written on the subject of Initiation. Some of it is misleading and some of it is reasonably true. Much of what is written gives the impression that Initiation is a ceremony that you undergo and that you know you are being initiated at the time. That is where it is wrong, for you don't know that you are undergoing a true Initiation. Sometimes when it is over you realise you have undergone an Initiation because you find yourself at a higher level, renewed in some way. Sometimes you are not even aware of that.

Many of you who are reading this will have gone through several minor Initiations in the period of the last twelve months without being aware of it. What is more, it is not important. It is not important how many and when. The fact that you got through it all and were renewed in some way is the important thing.

It is very significant that this path flows between the Integrity of your Higher Self and True Humility. False initiates brag that they are initiates of such and such a degree. True initiates often don't realise that they are initiates, such is their humility and control by their Higher Self, which is only concerned with results.

When you sincerely walk the Spiritual Path you eventually become an Initiate.  In this sense an Initiate is one who has undergone many life experiences, using spiritual principles to endure to a successful outcome.  In the physical world that successful outcome may be disastrous.  However, spiritually it will have brought about growth. On the other hand such experiences can end in great success and happiness on all levels.  Initiations do not have to be traumatic, just life changing in some way.


  • I want you to think over the events of the past 12 months and see with your inner eye the times which you could call Initiations.
  • Place yourself in a state of True Humility and ask for the guidance of your Higher Self.  Do not look for spiritual events for it is the events of daily life that constitute true Initiation.  It is the results of these events upon your character that is the renewing that I spoke of here. I want you to see that you are in the perfect place for initiation and that you do not need to seek out some special school or teacher who will initiate you. 
  • You are the “Grand Initiator” of your own spiritual destiny.