Gate 25 - Spiritual Direction

Path 25 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Trial and Probation

Name Prop

Crystal - Mookaite

Dictionary Meaning:- Spiritual - Pertaining to or consisting of spirit or physical being. ~ Direction - Orders or instructions; way in which a person or thing is travelling.

Path 25 flows between the Beauty of Integrity and the Foundation of Innocence/Harmlessness. The spiritual attribute of path 25 is Spiritual Direction, the intelligence is the Intelligence of Probation and Trial and its name is Prop.

All the troubles and woes of your life are the learning pathways of your Spiritual Direction.  These troubles and woes are the trials of your Spiritual Path.  Your Spiritual Direction is your Spiritual Path. The good things of your life are also your trials. It is not only your behaviour in the tough times that try your fitness for your life’s work in Spiritual Service.  How you conduct yourself in the good times is just as important as how you conduct yourself in the tough times during your time as a “probationer” on the Spiritual Path.

All aspects of your life teach your something and guide you in various directions.  There is no guarantee that you will be admitted to the next level along the Spiritual Path unless you learn your lessons properly and apply them in life. More trials await you as you attain each level. That is the way it is.  More trials, more knowledge, understanding and wisdom which makes you strong.

I would direct your attention to the position of path 25 on the Tree, flowing as it does between the Beauty and Integrity of your Higher Self and the Innocent Harmlessness of your purified personality or lower self. That is the aim of spiritual growth, to purify that lower self, that personality self and bring it under the full control of the Higher Self. That is what the trials and tribulations of your life upon the path are intended to bring about. You then have true Spiritual Direction.

Once you have reached that stage there are not as many trials. I will not lead you astray and say that they cease at that point. Even though you have reached that high level the journey continues.

We will not look beyond that point at this stage.. At this point on your journey I direct you to pay particular attention to the process that brings the lower self into alignment and under the control of the Higher Self.


Two aspects of Spiritual Direction:

1 – the direction in which you are heading spiritually.

  • Do you have a clear understanding of this in your life?  
  • Write down in your book what you see as your Spiritual Direction.
  •  Are you doing enough to attain the goals you have identified?  
  • If not what can you do about it?

2 – being directed by your Spirit.

  • Just what does that mean to you?  
  • What are you doing to make it more of a reality in your life?

NOTE: it is a good idea to review what you have written 6 – 12 months from now.