Gate 24 - Creation

Path 24 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Imaginative

Name - Fish

Crystal - Carnelian

Dictionary Meaning:- Create - bring into being, cause to exist, produce, to evolve from one’s own thought or imagination.

The 24th path flows between the Beauty of Integrity and the Victory of Serenity. The spiritual attribute of the 24th path is Creation and the intelligence is the Imaginative Intelligence. Its name is Fish.

Can you see a connection between the Imaginative Intelligence and Creation? On the physical plane your creative imagination is what Creation is all about. The old saying "as above so below" holds true and so the principles of Creation hold true for you and The Creator. Your creative imagination is patterned on that of The Creator. You can say that we are an imaginative creation of the Creator. What do you think about this – ‘The Creator imagined the universe into existence’?

Oh yes, there are a lot of laws on many planes involved in actually creating anything but simply put, that is it in a nut shell. The universe and everything in it was and is, in the imagination of the Creator. Those same principles that the Creator uses, you can use.

The building of a vivid yet controlled, sensible imagination is one of the major skills that you should try to gain. For in the next level of existence, you will be using your imagination, your Imaginative Intelligence to create your environment.You do it here in this world, but you do not see the relationship so clearly here. You imagine what you would like and then you set about making it happen.

Sometimes your imagination imagines something that is simply not possible for you to have. That is one of the limitations of this three dimensional world. In the next dimensional world there are no such limits because it is known just what can be and what cannot be in that world and therefore no one imagines something that is not possible. Also there is so much more that can be created in that world, so the limits are not nearly as refined as they are in the third dimension.

To be given permission to create on the spiritual level while still in the three-dimensional world, your Integrity has to be impeccable. You have to have all the of other attributes including this one, active and properly integrated within your being. On the other hand you must be Serene. Just imagine what your Creation would be if you were in a state other than Serenity when you brought if forth into manifestation.

To truly imagine something into existence you have to be in a state of Serenity where you know that what you are going to do is possible. You know that it is in harmony with all of the laws of nature for the world that you are in and all of the cosmic laws as well. Then and only then can you bring it into being. The Occult Intelligence plays a part in its meaning of secret, for you do not speak of what you plan to create.

Finally, I must say, “all your Creations should be beautiful”.


  • Think of something that you want to create in your life.  Make sure that it is possible and will not hurt another in any way.
  • Imagine it in the most vivid way you can and then let it go. Do not speak of it, even in your own mind. Put it out of your mind and let it happen, for by keeping it in your mind or speaking it to others you actually hold it to you and stop it from coming into being. The letting go is a major craft.
  • Do this once a day for three days and then pay no more attention to it.  What is yours will come to you.