Gate 23 - Inner Stability

Path 23 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Stable

Name - Water

Crystal - Lepidolite

Dictionary Meaning:- Inner - A point further in or inward; interior; nearer the centre. ~ Stability - Standing firmly in place and not easily moved, shaken or overthrown.

Path 23 flows between the Severity of Justice/Dispassion and the Splendour of True Humility. The spiritual attribute of Path 23 is Inner Stability, the intelligence is the Stable Intelligence and its name is Water.

Inner Stability and Dispassion work together. Dispassion has within it a nucleus of love that is not charged with emotion. It is a love that can stand back and see the truth of a situation without becoming emotional.

Inner Stability is being in an emotionally charged state without the usual instability that such a state normally has. It is the ability to remain stable, not on the negative side and not swinging too far into the positive, not becoming over compassionate or passionate, over loving, over helpful. To swing too far either way is each as disastrous as the other. You use the Stable Intelligence to stop the seesaw effect on the emotions.  Dispassion quietens the emotions while Inner Stability keeps them that way.

Inner Stability and True Humility also work together. This combination brings the love aspect forward.

True Humility neutralises certain mental states such as inflated ego and low self esteem. Inner Stability assists you to be truly humble by stabilising your emotions so that you can see yourself as you truly are.

Humanity in general is becoming less stable, politically and personally. Mother Earth herself is becoming unstable due to the pressures exerted by a very selfish humanity over many eons of time.

You will need to develop that Inner Stability to cope with the coming events precipitated by the instability around you.


  • At the end of each day for a week review the day’s events and note all the emotions you felt.
  • How intense were they?  Give them an intensity rating.
  • How stable were you when you were at the height of these emotions?  Give them a stability rating. 
  • What effect on the situation did these emotions have?  Compare the intensity rating and the stability rating with the effect.
  • At the end of the week give yourself an Inner Stability rating.
  • Now work on a plan for improving or maintaining that Inner Stability rating.  I suggest that you include Dispassion and True Humility in your plan.

Do this exercise and review your plan from time to time.