Gate 22 - Righteousness

Path 22 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Faithful

Name - Ox Goad

Crystal - Amazonite

Dictionary Meaning:- Righteous - Conforming in disposition and conduct to a standard of right and justice; upright, virtuous, blameless, morally right.

Path 22 flows between the Severity of Justice/Dispassion and the Beauty of Integrity. The spiritual attribute of Path 22 is Righteousness, its intelligence is the Faithful Intelligence and its name is Ox Goad.

Integrity - Righteousness – Justice/Dispassion feed each other with the flow in either direction. Your honesty and sense of right and wrong influence Justice upheld with Dispassion.  Cosmic Justice flowing with Righteousness influences your Integrity.

Integrity is the centre balancing point of the Tree of Life. An aspect of this Integrity is to integrate all of the Spiritual Attributes.  Thus Cosmic Law through Dispassionate Justice and Righteousness maintains this balance and integration of the Spiritual Attributes.

It is the Faithful Intelligence of this path of Righteousness that ensures that Righteousness is faithful to Justice. There are other meanings for faithful like being faithful to a belief or to an idea. If you hold some ideal as being right then you are righteous to Self by being faithful to it.  The problem with Self-righteousness is when your ideal is not actually in line with Cosmic Justice and it becomes self-righteousness.

Dispassion prevents Self-righteousness from becoming self-righteousness, the first being faithful to your Higher Self and the latter being faithful to your lower self. While it is good to be passionate about the things you believe in it is this passion that can cloud your judgement and influence you to act in ways that are obviously self-righteous to those looking on.  You could actually do an injustice to a truly Righteous cause in this way.

Practice your alignment to the Most High God from your lower self to your Higher Self to your God Self.

Your Higher Self wields the Sword of Truth, sometimes referred to as the “double edged sword”.  Justice and Righteousness are based on Truth.  This Sword must be used only by those who are faithful to the goal of the Supreme Architect of the Universe, the Creator, the Most High God.  All Righteousness flows from that Supreme Being.

When you receive knowledge and instruction that many are not privileged to receive it is very easy to start making judgments based on your meagre understanding of what one has been given to you. Then self-righteousness can sneak in. So be Faithful in your alignment of your free will to the Will of God. Be Faithful in your alignment of your lower self to your Higher Self to your God Self to God and self-righteousness will never be an issue with you.

It will always be Righteousness that flows through you as part of your Integrity.


  • I want you to meditate on Righteousness.  Right at the beginning of this meditation I want you to focus on your lower, physical everyday self, then lift your consciousness up to your Higher, Soul Self, then to the bright Spiritual point of your God Self and then allow your consciousness to merge with God.
  • Ask to experience Righteousness.