Gate 20 - Will-To-Good

Path 20 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Will

Name - Pointing Hand

Crystal - Gold Tiger Eye

Dictionary Meaning:- Will - Is the power of conscious, deliberate action. ~ Good - Satisfactory in quality and kind, morally excellent, virtuous, worthy, kind, benevolent, beneficial and opposed to bad or evil .

Path 20 is the Intelligence of Will. The spiritual attribute of path 20 is the Will To Good, its name is Pointing Hand and it flows between the Mercy of Compassion and the Beauty of Integrity.

We are dealing here with will and your will must be controlled by Compassion and by your essential self, your Higher Self which resides in the Beauty of Integrity. You need to have those checks upon your will to ensure that you don’t become so wilful in working your own way without having truly aligned your free will to the Will of God.

The Will To Good is the right use of the will.  We are not looking at self-righteous use of the will here, for as the old saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Some people may be very determinably pushing something along, for what they think is the greater good. They have some idea in their mind of what a group of people, an individual, or even humanity at large must do. They formulated this idea and to them it is good.

However, it may not be good in the higher scheme of things, because they are not in a position to see the whole picture of what is in the best interest of that group, that individual, or humanity at large. They may insist upon working their will and say that it is the Will To Good.

They may be quite Compassionate about it, at the beginning, but you would notice at certain times when their plans are thwarted, their Compassion is gone. A person’s Integrity eventually shows whether they are truly expressing the Will To Good or whether they are simply insisting on working their own will for some idea or end that they believe is right. 

The alignment that you do where you align your lower self with your Higher Self and your Higher Self with the Will of God is your safeguard. If you sincerely and consciously do that alignment, then you use your free will to do the Will of God and therefore you use the Intelligence of Will rightly and express the attribute of the Will To Good as you live your life.


  • I want you to look at the intelligence that belongs to the Mercy of Compassion (Measuring, Cohesive and Receptacular) and the intelligence that belongs with the Beauty of Integrity (Mediating Intelligence) and see what other insights this gives you about the Will, not just the Will To Good, but the Will, personal and Cosmic.
  • Write down your insights, review them from time to time, add to them and see how your understanding of the purpose and use of Will deepens with time and experience.