Gate 1 - Justice/Dispassion

Path 5 on the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Radical

Name - Severity

Crystal - Unakite

Dictionary Meaning:- Justice - Uprightness, fairness, correctness. ~ Dispassionate - Free from emotion, impartial.

Our starting point is the fifth path, which is the Radical Intelligence. Radical means from the root of things or to get to the root of things.

Some see the Radical Intelligence at work as Severity, which is the name of the fifth path. One aspect of the spiritual attribute of Severity is Justice, which is often seen to be severe.

The person on the receiving end of Justice and those who are closely tied to that person, feel the severity of Justice, while others see the severity and feel that it is justified.  It depends on whose side you are on as to how you view Justice.  This is how you learn.  It is unfortunate that people don’t learn as well with love, although the person who is consciously walking the Path of Light reaches a stage where the learning is best done with love.  Until that time comes it will sometimes take a sharp, severe knock to wake you up to your mistakes.  The Radical Intelligence delivers that knock to get to the root of the problem.

Justice can be delivered as anger.  When people mete out Justice in their lives, be it to family or friends, they usually get angry, and that is what we have come to expect.  This is where those on the Path of Light have to differ from the average person; they have to work at never directing anger at anything or anyone.  This is a very hard lesson.  You have to replace anger with Dispassion.

DISPASSION – Lack of Passion

On one side there is love and on the other side there is hate.  Often anger is combined with hate – this is something that must be overcome.  When you feel anger rising in you, you must replace it with Dispassion. Concentrating on doing this should distract you from your anger.  Think carefully on this. You must work at Dispassion, and this is where the Radical Intelligence and Justice can help. 

What you do in your quest for Dispassion is to be prepared to allow Justice to come down on you, giving you a swift reminder when you have allowed yourself to be angry when you should be Dispassionate.


  • At the end of each day for a week review the day’s events and note all the times you became irritated, impatient or angry. Note down how you expressed those feelings. 
  • Think about how you could have lessened the severity of your emotional responses. It might help to write them down.
  • Make a commitment to try to control those emotions next time you find yourself getting irritated, impatient or angry.