Gate 18 - Prudence

Path 18 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Of The House of Influence

Name - Field or Fence

Crystal - Bloodstone

Dictionary Meaning:- Prudent - Habitually careful to avoid errors, cautious, worldly-wise, exercising sound judgement. ~ Prudence - Quality of being prudent, setting wise limits and sticking to them.

The intelligence for path 18 is the Intelligence of the House of Influence and the spiritual attribute is Prudence. Its name is Field or Fence and it flows between the Understanding of Conscience and the Severity of Justice/Dispassion.

Prudence is related to wisdom as it is the wisdom of caution. A prudent action is a cautious action and the Intelligence of the House of Influence, promotes Prudence. Let me explain this to you. Think of a house. It is an enclosure. It limits space so to speak and within that house there are influences or certain conditions apply, certain things happen.

A prudent person does not rush recklessly into situations, nor acts recklessly to escape unwelcome limitations. A prudent person thinks about what they are doing, thinks on the wisdom of the action.

Having an understanding of a situation helps you to act prudently. 

The more facts you have about your situation and the more you can understand what those facts imply, allow you to act with Prudence.  Sometimes the prudent action is to “not act”.

This non-action can feel limiting and hence Prudence is limiting, positive limiting.

Your world could be classed as a House of Influence for you are very limited by matter in the things that you can do. You are limited by Karma, in that there are lessons that you have to learn in every life that you live and these lessons influence you, influence your behaviour, influence you acquisition of knowledge.

That is one of the most important things; this acquisition of knowledge. Once you gain knowledge you must use it prudently.

You may protest against the limitations in your life. You want to escape. You want to be free. You want to move on but until you have learned what it is you are to learn in that limited situation you cannot move on.

It is a very imprudent person who would rush ahead without the knowledge to guide them in new situations. So look at the limitations in your lives, all the little Houses of Influence that you enter into and out of in your daily life and see where you have gained or are gaining Prudence. Learn from your experiences.


  • Think about what has been said here and expand upon it to discover the role of Conscience in Prudence.  Remember that Conscience sits with Understanding in Path 3.
  • Think about Dispassion and Justice which sit with Severity in Path 5. Where so they fit into Prudence?
  • What is your “Prudence Rating”?  Are you reckless?  Are you too cautious? What does being too cautious mean?