Gate 17 - At-One-Ment

Path 17 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Disposing

Name - Sword

Crystal - Agate Cave or circular banded Agate

Dictionary Meaning:- At-One-Ment - To be or feel to be one with God and the Universe. ~ Atonement - The exemplification of man’s unity with God, whereby man reflects divine truth, life and love.

The spiritual attribute of Path 17 is At-One-Ment, the intelligence is the Disposing Intelligence and it flows between the Understanding of Conscience and the Beauty of Integrity.  Its name is Sword.

Let’s start with the Disposing Intelligence and what it means in your everyday world. You dispose of many things easily. You call your society “the throw away society” and so disposal is something you should be very aware of.

When you get rid of things that you don't want, you dispose of them. People are easily disposed of in some areas of your world.  I refer to the “ethnic cleansing” that goes on. Ethnic cleansing is a use of the Disposing Intelligence that drives one further and further away from God and yet it is sometimes done in the name of God. One who is in At-One-Ment with God clearly sees that this use of the Disposing Intelligence drives one further into separation from the Light.

You cannot reach At-One-Ment with God unless you activate within your being all the spiritual attributes of the living Tree of Life. 

This path flows between your Conscience and your Higher Self which means that your Conscience, when it is allowed to function freely under the control of your Higher Self can highlight to you the things that you need to dispose of in order for you to become in At-One-Ment with the Source of All, the One Most High God.

The double edged sword of Truth is associated with this process as it cuts away and disposes of that in your nature which prevents complete and total At-One-Ment with your creator. The Integrity of your Higher Self holds the sword in your Conscience as you stand steady in the Light.


  • You will never find true At-One-Ment if your focus is on the material world. You may think that your focus is entirely spiritual, but is it?  Yes, you do have a physical life that is important to you as a spiritual person. 
  • This can cause some confusion as you may feel that you should suppress natural physical needs while at the same time feel that it is fine to commercialise your spirituality.
  • I want you to think about what I have just said.  Do not be too quick to dismiss it as not applying to you.  Take it into meditation and allow your Conscience to show you the Truth about yourself.