Gate 16 - Eternal Persistence

Path 16 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Triumphant and Eternal

Name - Hook or Nail

Crystal - Aventurine

Dictionary Meaning:- Eternal - Having neither beginning nor end of existence, infinite in duration, everlasting, independent of time and its conditions. ~ Persistence - The quality of being persistent and persevering, the continuance of an effect longer than the cause that first produced it.

Path 16 flows between the Wisdom of Forgiveness and the Mercy of Compassion. The spiritual attribute of path 16 is Eternal Persistence and the intelligence is the Triumphant and Eternal Intelligence.  Its name is Hook or Nail.

Eternal persistence relates to the soul’s journey on the path of return to the Creator. There is a link between the spiritual attribute of Eternal Persistence and the Triumphant and Eternal Intelligence for here is the aspect of something continuing forever without end.

You will, and have, lived lives in many bodies and in many different dimensions.  Eventually you will not have a body, but you will persist.  You will have the consciousness of the universe and of everyone and everything in it, and yet you will be conscious of yourself and all the other selves who are conscious of the universe and everyone in it.

This is a pretty poor explanation of what the ultimate goal of your journey on the Path of Return is. When you get into the next dimension of existence you will be able to understand it more fully. This is as close as I can give you that can convey anything of it in words of your world. Perhaps if you ponder upon it you may get a little closer glimpse yourself.  Do not worry about it. Accept that you cannot fully understand it from where you are now. Know that you will Persist Eternally.  That is the triumph of the work of the Path of Return.  It can be so for every soul who descends deep into matter.

In rare cases where a soul persists in opposition to the Laws of Creation that entity shall not Persist Eternally. The soul essence is returned to the one soul and all the memories and experiences that belong to that entity become part of the “collective knowing” of the Universe.

Eternal Persistence flows between Forgiveness and Compassion.  These are such necessary attributes for any soul to have who gains the right to Persist Eternally. That is the triumph, for you know yourselves how hard it is to forgive yourself and others and how hard it is to have compassion for those who you can not yet forgive. When you can do that you have surely earned the right to persist as individual sparks for all eternity.

You will be shown whatever changes are to come for you as you progress.  These are changes for you as an individual. Just remember, ultimately you will always be you.  You will not be losing yourself in another you.  You will always Eternally Persist as you.


  • “Know Thyself” is the rule.  Do not hide from any aspect of your personality.  Your Higher Self is always trying to show you areas of your personality that need working on.  The only way to reach the next stage of existence is to “Know Thyself”.
  • There are two parts to this “Know Thyself”.  Firstly you must come to know your so called “good” points and your so called “bad” points.  Face up to these “bad” points honestly and with courage.  Ask how to make them into “good” points.  Then you have to work hard on the transformation of “bad” to “good”.
  • Secondly you have to be able to recognise when you have no need to continue working on a “bad” point any longer because you have transformed it.  So often we see ourselves in a negative light and don’t realise that is now a part of the old self.
  • Finally, there are really no “bad“ points.  There is good in everything as you will see as you transform “bad” points to “good” points.  How could you have this new “good” point if you did not have the “bad” point to make it out of?
  • I would like you to give some time in meditation to this theme of “good” and “bad”. Write down what insights you get from this.