Gate 15 - The Attainment of the Spiritual Life and of the Authority of the Direction of Cosmic Energies and Forces

Path 15 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Constituting

Name - Window

Crystal - Purple/Green Fluorite

Dictionary Meaning:- Attain - Achieve, gain. ~ Spiritual - Pertaining to or consisting of spirit or non-physical being. ~ Life - Active principle peculiar to animals and plants. ~ Authority - Power or right to enforce obedience, personal influence. ~ Direction - Orders or instructions; way in which a person or thing is travelling. ~ Cosmic - Of cosmos, universal. ~ Energy - Vigour, activity. ~ Force - Strength, power, impetus.

Path 15 flows between the Wisdom of Forgiveness and the Beauty of Integrity. The spiritual attribute of path 15 is the Attainment of the Spiritual Life and of the Authority of the Direction of Cosmic Energies and Forces. The intelligence of path 15 is the Constituting Intelligence and its name is Window.

The Attainment of the Spiritual Life comes first before the other part of this attribute.  This is another one of those double attributes, like Justice/Dispassion and Innocence/Harmlessness. Before you are given the Authority to Direct Cosmic Energies and Forces you have to have Attained the Spiritual Life. You have to be living the Spiritual Life here on earth before you will be given that Authority.

Some people try to storm heaven so to speak, and take that Authority without putting in all the hard work that is required by living the Spiritual Life. They think they have got that power. They think they can constitute things but their power is illusionary. The things that they build and create do not last. Their creations are only transient and then they are left with a lot of karma that they have to work off.

I am now going to concentrate on the Authority of the Direction of Cosmic Energies and Forces. Perhaps you have some idea of what I mean by this. The whole universe is made up of energies and forces at various levels or planes from the dense physical up to the Cosmic.  Directing them means to focus and concentrate them to achieve a purpose.  Spiritual Healing is one aspect of this and when you first gain this Authority you are given the Authority to direct these energies and forces in healing.

As you use your Authority in healing you build your “muscle” in regards to directing these energies and forces before being given the Authority to use them for other purposes.  When you “reach the grade” so to speak, you are shown what other purposes or uses these energies and forces have.

If you sincerely try to put into practice the lessons of these paths then eventually you will be directing those energies and forces for good in the universe in more ways than you can imagine. Your scope will be widened greatly.  Some of you, while you are asleep at night, are already using some of these energies and forces for the greater good in ways that you are not aware of in your waking consciousness.

The Constituting Intelligence - Constitute: the constitution of something is the parts that it is made up of. You have a constitution of a country which has to do with law. Cosmic Energies and Forces must be directed under Cosmic Law and so that is one aspect of the Constituting Intelligence.

The Constitution - Constituting: ruling comes in here. A ruler on your earth plain years ago; a king or queen, had the power over their subjects in a similar way to having the Authority to Direct Cosmic Energies and Forces. In fact it was assumed that they had what is called the “Divine Right of Kings”, part of which was to lay on hands and heal. So you see these spiritual principles have been entwined in earthly law for many centuries.

This path flows between the Wisdom of Forgiveness and the Beauty of Integrity. Can you see that you need wisdom to direct those Cosmic Energies and Forces to right purpose? As these energies can be both creative and destructive you need to have mastered Forgiveness before you will gain full authority over them. Someone who can not forgive could never be entrusted with such power.

Part of the Beauty of Integrity is being in control of your lower self by your Higher Self. Until you have that you are not going to attain the Authority. Also an aspect of Integrity is the blending and mixing of all the other attributes and so of course in order to direct Cosmic Energies and Forces in creation and destruction the other intelligences also come into play. This is very much a directive intelligence, a controlling intelligence under Cosmic Law.


Something for you to think about…

  • It takes many lifetimes to attain the authority spoken of in this lesson.  If you have the opportunity to regress to past lives you will probably find that you have been a healer many times and in many ways.
  • Healing takes many forms.  The use of vaccination or inoculation is directing physical energies and forces. 
  • Guiding someone into a more stable way of behaving or thinking is directing emotional and mental energies and forces.
  • These energies and forces are the pale reflection of the Cosmic Energies and Forces that I speak of in this lesson.  They are however, a starting point to understanding what this lesson is all about.