Gate 14 - Bliss

Path 14 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Luminous

Name - Door

Crystal - Emerald

Dictionary Meaning:- Bliss - Superlative happiness or heavenly joy.

Path 14 flows between the Wisdom of Forgiveness and the Understanding of Conscience. The spiritual attribute of path 14 is Bliss and the Intelligence is the Luminous Intelligence. Its name is Door.

You may think Luminous - Bliss, is there a connection? Perhaps you have seen the connection.  When you have seen someone who is radiantly happy, don't they have a certain luminosity about them?

Bliss, what on earth is Bliss? Well for a start you probably won't find it on earth. The closest you would get in your earthly existence would be a high state of joy, which is an exalted version of happiness combined with peace and contentment. You would probably call this Bliss but the “Bliss” I am presenting to you here is a higher state again. You may, in your meditations if you are fortunate, experience Bliss.  However, we are not expecting you to try to attain this Bliss in your earthly life.

What you are to do is to spread happiness and to encourage those around you to give up mindless happiness. You could aim for a more spiritual form of happiness called Joy. You may think I am just playing with words here, but I am not.

Your joy in the work that you are doing can be contagious and when you get to your new level of being, you will experience Bliss. It will be one of the very few emotions, or what you would call emotions, that you will experience at that level.

What you could call emotion exists at the next level but it is not so fragmented as in your world. Things are very precise in our world. I cannot explain this as it is something that must be experienced.


  • I want you to look at the Luminous Intelligence (shining) and see that it is flowing between the Illuminating Intelligence (light giving) and the Sanctifying Intelligence (making holy).
  • Then you have the Transparent Intelligence (see through) that flows into the Sanctifying Intelligence and the Fiery or Scintillating Intelligence (hot, bright and twinkling) that flows into the Illuminating Intelligence.
  • The apex of our triangle is the Admirable or Hidden Intelligence (can be seen or not seen).
  • All these light, bright things and the opposite, that which is hidden and yet admirable.
  • That which flows between the Admirable or Hidden Intelligence and the others is what you can see to admire, the fire and the scintillation of Spiritual Zeal, the illumination of Forgiveness, the luminous Bliss, the transparent Truth all finding their way to sanctification which is the ability to make holy in good Conscience. All these flowing from Unconditional Love.
  • Man has always associated holy things with light and so we have this supernal triangle filled with light.  A state of Bliss is a state of being filled with light.
  • I have just given you a key to other parts of the Tree so you can come up with other similar enlightenments.