Gate 13 - Spiritual Integration

Path 13 of the Tree of life

Intelligence - Uniting

Name - Camel

Crystal - Jadeite, Nephrite, New Jade

Dictionary Meaning:- Spiritual - Pertaining to or consisting of spirit or non physical being. ~ Integration - The bringing together of parts into a whole.

Path 13 flows between the Crown of Unconditional Love and the Beauty of Integrity. The spiritual attribute of path 13 is Spiritual Integration, the intelligence is the Uniting Intelligence and its name is Camel.

Spiritual Integration - the Uniting Intelligence:-  This path is the representation of the last great leap from your earthly existence to your divine existence.  Just because it is representative of this doesn't mean to say that it is left till last.  Actually you have to work on all of the paths simultaneously. You cannot do them consecutively and in any specific order. That is the chaos of your life here, yet it is perfectly ordered chaos.

Picture if you will this path of the Uniting Intelligence and Spiritual Integration flowing between Unconditional Love and Integrity.

Integrity – Integration:- It was pointed out when we considered Integrity that one of its meanings is integration.  Now, perhaps you can see the link with Spiritual Integration and Integrity through the relation of Integrity with integration.

Think of integrating yourself into spirit. This is done via all of the attributes, integrated in Integrity - Beauty - the Mediating Intelligence; the Christ Consciousness; your Higher Self.

The Crown of Unconditional Love is the representation on the Tree of your God Self and so you have the Spiritual Integration of your Higher Self with your God Self. This path shows you that the only way to total Integration with the Most High God is by your alignment of your lower self to your Higher Self and your Higher Self to your God Self, aligned with the one Most High God.

You may be surprised at just how united your lower self is with your Higher Self by now. If you are sincere and take these lessons on the paths to heart you will actually live more of your life as your Higher Self than you realise. You will still step down to the lower self mode sometimes but you should become aware of it and correct yourself quite quickly. 

As I have said before, you gain so much from looking at it upon the Tree and making the correspondences that reach out to you. The Tree itself can be your teacher.


  • I want you to think of the union of your Higher Self to your God Self. At this point look upon yourself as an integrated lower self/Higher Self and it is this integrated Self that is reaching up to your God Self.
  • At this point you may find that you need to examine in your own mind and heart just what you conceive your God Self to be.  Write down everything that comes to you on this.  Focussing upon it will aid your process of Spiritual Integration.