Gate 12 - Truth

Path 12 of the Tree of life

Intelligence - Transparent

Name - House

Crystal - Blue Lace Agate

Dictionary Meaning:- Truth  -  Accuracy, reality, fact.

Path 12 Flows between the Crown of Unconditional Love and the Understanding of Conscience. It is the Transparent Intelligence and the spiritual attribute that comes with the Transparent Intelligence is Truth.  The name of this path is House.

You would probably think of Truth as “not lying”. This is only a small part of what Truth is.  You will often find that your Truth is not the Truth of another person, yet both of you know in your own hearts that you have the Truth.  How can this be? 

It has a lot to do with the fact that you live in a world of illusion, this 3rd dimensional world.  Your world and your reality are what you say is your Truth. "I can see it therefore it is true". It is not always so for appearances can be very deceptive.  That is where we have the Transparent Intelligence.  You can see through something that is transparent and so the Transparent Intelligence allows you to see through the appearances of your world to the Truth that your reality may not be the actuality of what is. 

It is the actuality rather that the reality that is the spiritual attribute of Truth. It is the Greater Truth.  Reality and actuality are not one and the same as many people think, just as there is the Truth and the truth. In your world of illusion, your illusions are very real, very true and they have an impact upon your life, upon your thinking, upon your acting. 

These personal truths are vital to your development as a human being and a spiritual person.  These illusions are not wrong because this is how your world operates, one illusion upon another to build the lessons that you need to grow. The actuality is the spiritual world that lies behind your world and which you are now striving to attain to.

You have a foot in both worlds. You can see through the veil that divides them. With the Transparent Intelligence you can see the Truth behind the reality of this 3rd dimensional world and you can see so many people so wrapped up in their illusions firmly believing them to be Truth, to be actual.

Do not limit Truth to “not telling a lie” for that is just a small part of it.  Also a weighing and a measuring must always go on when you are talking of honesty because you are dealing with individual perceptions and interpretations of the Truth/truth.

If you have been trying to put these spiritual attributes to work in your life, then you are with your teachers and guides much of the time, even if you are not aware of it as yet. You will become more aware of the actuality of your very existence and the Truth of your future will become very apparent as the separation between our two worlds becomes increasingly transparent to you.


  • Please note the position of Truth and the Transparent Intelligence on the Tree. It flows between Unconditional Love and Conscience. I am not going to elaborate here because I want you to gain the wisdom from pondering upon it.
  • Also consider the relationship between the Admirable or Hidden Intelligence, the Transparent Intelligence and the Sanctifying Intelligence.  They play roles together. 
  • Think of Truth/truth.
  • Write down all that comes to you from this exercise.  Don’t discard any of it because you will be surprised at what you see in it when you read it again in several months time.