Gate 10 - The Light of the Spiritual Vehicle

Path 10 of the Tree of life

Intelligence - Resplendent

Name - Kingdom

Crystal - Selenite

Dictionary Meaning:- Light - That which makes things visible, or affords illumination, an illuminating agent or source, having illumination or light rather than dark. ~ Spiritual - Pertaining to or consisting of spirit or non-physical being. ~ Vehicle - Any receptacle or means of transport in which something is carried, conveyed or travels.

Now we will consider path ten and its name is Kingdom, its intelligence is the Resplendent Intelligence and its spiritual attribute is The Light of the Spiritual Vehicle, which is a rather strange attribute when compared with all the others that you have had so far.

So far along the central pillar of the Tree of Life you have had your foundation in Harmlessness or Innocence, the Integrity of your Essential Self and the Unconditional Love of your God self. With the Integrity, all the attributes are mixed and then you bring them into your pure Foundation, your purified personality.

This Resplendent Intelligence is a working intelligence in that at the level of the spiritual attributes it constructs your spiritual vehicle which is your body of light.

As each attribute becomes awakened and active your light shines brighter and brighter with all its resplendence. This is your kingdom, your kingdom in spirit. It's not an attribute in itself that you can acquire. It works whether you want it to or not. It is automatic but the only way you can get your vehicle of light to be resplendent in brilliant shining form, the only way you can build your kingdom in heaven so to speak, is to work on all your other attributes, to have them integrated, to have them functioning like a brightly shining diamond with all the facets polished.

It is from where we are that we can see the brightness of your spiritual vehicle, as it becomes more and more resplendent as the intelligence has something to work with. The unevolved have just the tiniest spark of light showing on their spiritual vehicles and everyone has that. Everyone at the very beginning has just their little connection to the spiritual world. As you evolve and grow it becomes more and more resplendent until such time the Spiritual Kingdom is the only kingdom. You let go of the kingdoms below and you only have this one, the Spiritual Kingdom. That time is coming but there is a lot of work for you to do between now and then but you don't have to put any effort into the Resplendent Intelligence itself. The effort is to be put into all the others and it will blossom on its own


  • I would ask you to pay more attention to the diagram of the Tree of Life for it is truly the only mandala that you ever need and it is extremely powerful.
  • When you have upon it all of the attributes, when you know them, it will be amazing what wisdom will unfold for you.
  • So I ask you to do what you feel with the Tree of Life, whether it be to draw it or just look upon it with all the attributes that you have and see what matches, what cross references you can see. Just do what you feel but use it more.
  • You can use it in meditation. You will be guided and as I say it is the most powerful mandala. The only one that you require as you will soon find out.