We have now reached Gate 20, Path 20, the Intelligence of Will. The spiritual attribute of path 20 is the Will-To-Good, its name is Pointing Hand and it flows between the Mercy of Compassion and the Beauty of Integrity. The crystal for the Will-To-Good is Gold Tiger Eye.

A well-developed Will-To-Good is one of the most potent protections a person can have psychically. A lot of psychic attacks are Astral/Mental in nature and as such are powerful illusions that have the potential to trick us into believing something and then accepting it. 

Those people who would attack us in this way have not aligned themselves with Good. By consciously developing our Will-To-Good we establish recognition mechanisms psychically that not only alert us to these attacks but often keep us out of the way of them.

While it is Prudent to practice various protection rituals and such like the most effective protection comes from developing a strong personal Will aligned to Good. We then have the strength to draw on the powers of Good to thwart any psychic attacks. Eventually this develops into a very effective automatic and subconscious defence mechanism.

Never underestimate the Power of Good. In the physical world we are bombarded with what appears to be the triumph of Evil over Good. That triumph is an illusion as each Evil victory is temporary in the greater scheme of existence. Those aligned to Evil are relying on using that illusion to trick us into giving up on the Good. We need to be ever mindful of the Bigger Picture and that slowly but surely, lifetime after lifetime, human beings are throwing off the shackles of Evil and nurturing the Goodness of their Souls. Thus we build and strengthen the Light of Our Spiritual Vehicles and eventually Good will win the final battle over Evil in our world.

The Will-To-Good can certainly help to keep us out of trouble in physical life by keeping us on the “straight and narrow” according to the Criminal Justice System. However it can get us into a lot of trouble with people who oppose true Righteousness and Justice.

We have free will and so we must make a conscious choice to activate the spiritual attribute of the Will-To-Good. Our willpower is a very potent force and the Intelligence of Will can be directed towards evil just as easily as good. Therefore it is not enough to simply build a strong personal will. That is important if we want to be successful in life. However it is our choice to be successful in the ways of good or in the ways of evil. It is wise to make a conscious choice either way. It is harder to trick us if we know what side we are on.

We have balance on the Tree of Life with Justice/Dispassion and Righteous on one side and Compassion and the Will-To-Good on the other. All of these directly feed our Integrity and our Integrity strengthens them in turn.