Unconditional Love

 We have now come to the crowning path of the Tree of Life, Gate 9, Path 1 which is called the Crown. The intelligence is the Admirable or the Hidden Intelligence and the spiritual attribute is Unconditional Love. The crystal for Unconditional Love is Rose Quartz.

Unconditional Love is spoken about endlessly in modern spiritual circles without people realising that they haven’t got a clue what it is. It is a very rare human being indeed who can express unconditional Love consistently and constantly. We always place conditions on the love we give. This is why in relationships it can be wonderful at the beginning but as time goes by and we discover traits in the loved one that we really cannot put up with that love diminishes or even dies. Unconditional Love never dies. The closest we could come to describing it is the love a parent has for a child no matter how evil an adult that child becomes. Perhaps there is still a condition to that love in the fact of the parent child relationship. To be able to genuinely love one person unconditionally is a start but our aim is to love all unconditionally.

To truly understand Unconditional Love we need to detach it from love in all the forms we know it in. Love is truly admirable even though it is conditioned or subject to conditions. No one in physical form could hope to attain to Unconditional Love without first experiencing love in all its earthly forms. When we love we certainly are not Dispassionate and nor should we be unless that love is causing us problems that need to be solved.

Unconditional Love is hidden in the interconnectedness of all creation, the Brotherhood of all Creation. How do we come to understand this spiritual attribute of Unconditional Love? How do we arrive at the state of being where we automatically express it at every level of our being? The answers are hidden all along our soul’s journey. We could call this the search for the Holy Grail. 

We cannot make ourselves express it but we can sincerely aim to reach it by consciously and consistently working on attaining all of the spiritual attributes of the Tree of Life that can be worked on. Unconditional Love is like the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle in that it grows and evolves as we work on all the other attributes. Unconditional Love is the Crown of our Spiritual Vehicle because when we become a fully awakened, living Tree of Life we will be the Light of Unconditional Love.

In the previous lesson we learned that Compassion has an element of Unconditional Love within it. Compassion is an attribute that we can work on so by truly perfecting it we will boost ourselves along the path to Unconditional Love. That spark of Unconditional Love that ignites within us when we express Compassion is the spark that can ignite into that brightly shining star of Unconditional Love that we aspire to be.