We have arrived at Gate 12, Path 12 which flows between the Crown of Unconditional Love and the Understanding of Conscience. It is the Transparent Intelligence and the spiritual attribute that comes with the Transparent Intelligence is Truth.  The name of this path is House. The Crystal for Truth is Blue Lace Agate.

In our physical world there is such a thing as the absolute Truth like when we cut our finger and it bleeds. It can be seen that the finger is cut and bleeding therefore that is absolutely the truth that this has happened. We seem to need some concrete proof that something is a certain way before we will accept it as a Truth. 

When it comes to spiritual beliefs many of us don’t seem to need that concrete proof. We rely on our Intuition, Discernment and in some cases our Spiritual Guides, physical and nonphysical, to tell us that some spiritual principle is the Truth. We take it on Faith that we have been given the Truth because we Trust the giver. 

However we come by this Truth we should allow for it to be only as close to the actual Truth as we are capable of understanding at that time. We should accept that over time these spiritual Truths that we are living by may no longer serve a useful purpose in our lives. We let these go and allow further revelations of Truth to come into our consciousness.

We have the Truth that is associated with not telling lies or being dishonest and we have spiritual Truth associated with Cosmic Law. Both of these aspects of Truth are important to us as spiritual beings. Righteousness keeps us honest and urges us to always be truthful. The Will-To-Good challenges us to hide the Truth when it would do more harm than good to reveal it. Our Conscience is the tool that guides us to either tell the brutal Truth or conceal it in some way, provided that our Conscience is operating under the control of a set of “Rules for our Being” that are aligned with Right Action.

Sometimes it is necessary to be brutally honest. As spiritual beings we aim to deliver that Truth with Unconditional Love and from a place of Unconditional Love.

As spiritual beings our quest is to discover the Truth of existence, to answer the question, “Why are we here?” It is only as we grow and evolve that we can have those expansions of Consciousness that reveal to us a little more of that Truth. The complete revelation is not likely to come to us while trapped in physical form, life after life. Once we have mastered the Physical Plane and no longer need to reincarnate here we will continue our journey towards the full revelation of Truth.