Gate 33, Hidden Path 1 is Trust. Its place upon the tree is between Unconditional Love and True Humility. 

It is often hard to separate Faith and Trust. Looking at it this way may help. Firstly we have Faith in something or someone we believe in but as yet have no proof that they exist or are as we believe them to be. Trust builds over time and experience so that we gain confidence that this person or thing exists and is reliable. 

Not everything we have Faith in can be proven so we will always need to have Faith to allow us to continue our journey. We often have to take Leaps of Faith, sometimes taken on the word of those we Trust. 

Bit by bit we will come to Trust that certain things will always happen in certain ways and people both in the physical and on the Inner Planes can be trusted.  We have to allow time for Trust to develop and accept much on Faith in the meantime.

Our life experiences lead us to become trusting or mistrusting depending on our particular circumstances. Quite often those very challenging life experiences our Soul has chosen us to have, erode our Faith and ability to Trust others and even ourselves. This can also affect our Selfworth. In this case it would be helpful to be able to bring ourselves to a place within where we can get in touch with the Unconditional Love that our Soul constantly channels to our poor suffering Personality.

Our Spiritual Guides work with us so patiently, accepting us just as we are and allowing us the time we need to come to trust them. They tolerate our doubting them and continue to assist us as long as they can see by our thoughts, words and deeds that we consistently choose Right Action in all things.

As we become strong spiritually we will earn the Trust of others, including our Spiritual Guides. That brings with it a spiritual responsibility to conduct ourselves with True Humility and to have the highest Integrity.