True Humility

 Now let us consider Gate 5, path 8 and its spiritual attribute of True Humility. The intelligence of path 8 is the Perfect or Absolute Intelligence. The name of the path is Splendour. The crystal for True Humility is Chrysoprase.

What a lot of people see as humility is often low self-esteem. Sometimes someone who is acting in a humble way is acting like that because they have no self-confidence. They don't think very highly of themselves or they think they are worthless. 

A person who is truly humble knows exactly how good they are but doesn't show it in a conceited or an arrogant manner. They usually get uncomfortable when other people point out how wonderful they are, how good or how perfected they are. They don't make a big fuss and say they are not worthy or something like that. They graciously accept the praise and try to get off the subject as soon as possible. 

However, they do know exactly how good they are. They also know how far they still have to go. 

We will now consider Splendour. This is the Splendour of the Absolute which is a reference to the greatness of the Creator, the Source. We are on the spiritual path, the Path of Light, and have come a long way and should feel very worthy at the progress we have made. We have every right to feel that worthiness. It is not going to puff up our ego when we have True Humility. We can think, "Look at what I've done, look at what I've overcome. Isn't that wonderful." and then compare ourselves to the Absolute, to the Creator and realise that we have got a long way to go yet. That is where True Humility comes in. It is a humbling feeling of measuring ourselves up against perfection, but it should never make us feel worthless. 

A truly humble person may feel unworthy of the Service they are given to perform, but they never feel worthless. Somebody who we think of as a humble person may simply be feeling worthless. It has got absolutely nothing to do with being a doormat and letting people walk all over us.

When we have True Humility it is one of our greatest protections as we walk the Spiritual Path. A truly humble person needs to be Dispassionate or detached when it comes to their position on the Spiritual Path. Many people get very caught up in measuring their progress compared to other people. Human beings are naturally competitive but there is no place for competition on the Spiritual Path. We should measure our self up against our self and not others. See how far we have individually come and be satisfied. Know that we will continue to grow in proportion to the effort we expend.