Gate 35, Hidden Path 3, Tolerance, flows between Unconditional Love and Justice/Dispassion. 

Just what is Tolerance? On our spiritual journey we are often pushed to our limits. Usually when we feel we can’t take any more something gives and we get a reprieve or things resolve and we have a time to relax and enjoy life for a while. Then it is on again. Well if we look back we should be able to see that we can tolerate a lot more now that we could years ago. That is because each time we were tested we pushed ourselves to our limits and this increased our Tolerance.

Perhaps we weren’t always aware that we were pushing ourselves. We may have felt that we were being pushed and in some cases we were. A lot of the time it was our own Soul that was pushing us to grow and become strong so that we could survive whatever life was going to throw at us.

Now that we know that Tolerance is a spiritual attribute that we need to develop we may consciously push ourselves even further in order to progress spiritually. That is really what we have done as Souls when we chose what we were going to take on in this life. Our Souls expect that we have the ability to tolerate whatever comes our way and to make the most of it in any way we can that is right and good.

We often get very emotional when we are being pushed to our limits so calling on all our ability to be Dispassionate can help us to see that what is happening is actually according to Justice even if we don’t like it. When other people are involved moving into a state of Unconditional Love for them is Prudent. We then are more able to use our Discernment and Intuition to help us to see the way forward. 

Do we have to accept this situation and allow it to unfold or is there some Right Action that we need to take to resolve things? After all, we are not expected to tolerate everything. If we did we would never take any action. It is important to recognise those things that should not be tolerated so that, if possible, we can do something about them before they break us.