This is a good time to look at  Gate 40, Hidden Path 8,  Temperance which is the hidden path flowing between Compassion and Innocence/Harmlessness. Simply put, Temperance is the habitual moderation in the indulgence of the appetites or passions. 

We need to note the word, moderation here.  We are not talking about total sacrifice. To be complete human beings with all the opportunities for growth as spiritual people we need to engage in the full human experience. This brings us into situations where we can easily overindulge our appetites. There is usually no problem with occasional overindulgences unless we have developed a condition that makes any overindulgence in some particular thing a danger to our wellbeing. In those cases it is Prudent to always Temper our behaviour.

By now we should be at a stage on our journey when we have learned, either in this life or previous lives, most of the valuable lessons that overindulgence in any area of life could teach us. Therefore we are ready to practice Temperance in all that we do, say or think. That does not mean that it will be easy but it is the strengthening aspect of Temperance that we are developing when we resist the urge to overindulge. 

Temperance does not mean giving up something entirely. It means looking at all aspects of our individual lives and using Intuition and Discernment to discover what areas we need to Temper. We can bring some Compassion to this assessment and not be too hard on ourselves while truly making sure that we are not harming ourselves or others by being overindulgent or too strict on ourselves.

Life is meant to be enjoyable in a balanced way. Overindulgence in something may bring pleasure in the short term but in most cases continued over indulgence in something leads to some detrimental effect to ourselves and those close to us. We need to be aware of the Big Picture and how everything we do, say and think affects our life, growth and happiness as we move through life.