Spiritual Zeal

 Now is a good time to look at Gate 11, Path 11 which flows between the first path, the Crown of Unconditional Love and the second path, which is the Wisdom of Forgiveness. It is the Fiery or Scintillating Intelligence and its spiritual attribute is Spiritual Zeal.  The name of this path is Ox and the element of Air is associated with it. The crystal for Spiritual Zeal is Sunstone.

All human beings who acknowledge a spiritual side to life have Spiritual Zeal active already. It is spurring on those of us who are studying all the Spiritual Attributes to mastering and applying them. 

It is important that we channel our Spiritual Zeal according to Right Action. Spiritual Zeal without the moderating influence of all the other spiritual attributes can be a dangerous force.

Spiritual Zeal flows between Unconditional Love and Forgiveness so these tend to soften this energy. However we have Free Will and can therefor override this safety feature and decide that our Truth promotes revenge instead of Forgiveness and that Love is always conditional where only the chosen are worthy of Love. Spiritual Zeal without Unconditional Love and Forgiveness is a potent power for evil. 

This is probably a good time to point out that The Creator, the Source of All, developed Cosmic Law to govern Existence. The fact that evil exists at all means that it has a place in the Grand Scheme of things, even if that place is the Rubbish Tip of Existence. The advanced Spiritual Beings of the Light make use of evil in ways that are hidden from us, to allow us to have the learning experiences that will eventually make us strong in the Light.

Spiritual Zeal is very active in the world today. It is not hard to see examples of it in both positive and negative manifestations. What you see as a positive manifestation another may see as negative and vice versa. That is one of the root causes of the conflicts that are raging on our planet at this time.

It is not our place to sit in judgement on others but to observe Dispassionately so that we can see the underlying causes of the events that concern us and determine the Right Action that is appropriate for us at any given time.