Spiritual Valour

We have now come to the Gate 27, Path 27which flows between the Splendour of True Humility and the Victory of Serenity. The spiritual attribute of path 27 is Spiritual Valour and the intelligence is the Exciting Intelligence.  Its name is Mouth and its crystal is Lapis Lazuli.

We have chosen life experiences this time round to challenge us as spiritual people living in a very negative and materialistic world. This thrusts us into circumstances where it often seems an impossible task to attain the level of Purity that we think we should attain. To be as we know we should be requires the courage to stand up for our beliefs. It requires the courage to challenge the belief systems that we have been brought up to embrace as Truth. It requires the courage to face aspects of ourselves that we would rather run away from. All kinds of fears confront us on our path and it is Spiritual Valour that is the courage we need to triumph on our journey.

We can’t simply snap our fingers and be courageous.  Often we do have the courage needed to face life’s challenges and then something confronts us that we are afraid of. When this happens we need to activate Spiritual Valour or the Exciting Intelligence to give us the courage to face it and overcome it.

Fear is a natural protective mechanism for human survival. However, at our stage of evolution we have to be able to separate the righteous fear of truly dangerous things from the fears our Egos have concerning our position in society and what people think of us.

To have Spiritual Valour does not mean that we are never afraid. What it means for us is that we can be Serene in the knowledge that whatever is confronting us is part of our Soul Journey no matter how terrifying it is. Because it is part of our journey we then know that we have what it takes, somewhere within us, to be able to meet this challenge and become triumphant. 

Spiritual Valour does not necessarily chase away the fear but it does allow us to move forward regardless. We are no longer paralysed by our fear but can push through it to the other side and experience what life’s challenges have to offer us. 

We can see the Exciting Intelligence at work in those times in life when we are so excited about something that we find the courage to get out of our comfort zone in order to do it.