Spiritual Strength

 Let’s now look at Gate 19, Path 19 which flows between the Severity of Justice/Dispassion and the Mercy of Compassion. The Spiritual Attribute of path 19 is Spiritual Strength and the intelligence is the Intelligence of the Secret of All Spiritual Activities. Its name is Snake. The crystal for Spiritual Strength is Garnet.

With each spiritual attribute we make stronger we build our Spiritual Strength. That is probably one of the most important, yet little realised Secrets of All Spiritual Activities. 

We can get caught up in doing all kinds of energy work, reading this and that book, going to various workshops expecting or merely hoping to find what we need to become spiritually strong. All the while the answer is within ourselves. Getting in touch with our inner being, becoming aware of our Higher, Soul Self in contrast to our lower, personality self and encouraging that Higher Self to guide us in the ways of Righteousness aligned to the Will-To-good is the way to building strong resilient spiritual muscles which serve us well in all of the Spiritual Activities we engage in. Then we will discover what Spiritual Activities are the ones that are most beneficial to us at any given stage in life and what area of Spiritual Work our Soul intends for us to engage in.  

Spiritual Strength is the central cross beam of the Tree of Life. Along with the other two cross beam paths it holds the Tree in Balance. Maintaining a balance between all of the spiritual attributes according to need is the secret to Self-Mastery.

All of life’s challenges are opportunities to build our Spiritual Strength. We may not think we have the strength to tackle them at times but when we dig deep within ourselves we find a wellspring of resources at our disposal if only we can have the Faith that this is so and Trust ourselves to be able to successfully use what we find and what is offered.

Sometimes we have to be Spiritually Strong for others who do not have the Trust and Faith that they will get through their ordeals. In this we alternate between Compassion and Dispassion, allowing them to have the experiences they need to build their Spiritual Strength. This is how our own Spirit Guides work with us.