Spiritual Integration

 Here we are at Gate 13, Path 13 which flows between the Crown of Unconditional Love and the Beauty of Integrity. The spiritual attribute of path 13 is Spiritual Integration, the intelligence is the Uniting Intelligence and its name is Camel. The crystal for Spiritual Integration is Jade.

Spiritual Integration is the attribute that allows us to take what we need from the various spiritual teachings that we come across and integrate them into a Philosophy or Creed that works for us at any given time on our spiritual journey. 

As we explore the spiritual teachings of humanity we force our Spiritual Integration to become active and to grow in strength. If we remain too narrow minded in our spiritual beliefs our Spiritual Integration stalls and so does our soul growth. We only spiritually integrate those philosophies and belief systems that resonate with us so it is very safe to explore all there is on offer. 

It is this attribute that throws out alerts when we get contradictions in what we believe in. If it won’t integrate then we need to look at all aspects. That is one of the ways we grow spiritually. 

Spiritual Integration also works with Discernment and Intuition so that we end up with a course of action, way of life or belief system that works for us according to the Rules of our Being. This Spiritual Integration helps us to be able to change those Rules of our Being as we go along our journey. 

Flowing between Unconditional Love and Integrity as it does assists the process of Spiritual Integration to be along the lines of Right Action. The Creator has placed some checks and balances within the matrix of existence to weight things towards Right Action. It is our Free Will choices and decisions that often offset that.

This spiritual attribute of Spiritual Integration also assists us to integrate our physical, emotional and mental vehicles into our Spiritual Vehicle.

The more we try to integrate all aspects of our lives the more power we give to our own individual Spiritual Attribute of Spiritual Integration. It works at all levels, not just the spiritual level.