Spiritual Direction

 It is now time to consider Gate 25, Path 25 which flows between the Beauty of Integrity and the Foundation of Innocence/Harmlessness. The spiritual attribute of path 25 is Spiritual Direction, the intelligence is the Intelligence of Probation and Trial and its name is Prop. The crystal for Spiritual Direction is Mookite.

Well, I think that most of us have realised by now that this spiritual path we are on is full of trials. It seems that we no sooner master something and then we are set something else to work on. Every life we ever live is one where we are on probation, whether we know it or not. When we master all there is to master of physical life then we graduate to the next level of being and are no longer probationers on this spiritual path within the physical realm.

Our Spiritual Direction is the way we choose to walk our spiritual path. It changes from life to life but if we could look back over all our lives, by now, we would be able to see where we have come from and all the changes in direction we took to get to where we are today.

Our aim is to master this physical plane. We are all different and so have different things still left to master. Those things determine our Spiritual Direction. Thus it is wise to use our Intuition and Discernment to truly see what it is that we need to develop in this life. Looking at what others on the spiritual path are doing is a good place to get some inspiration. However, we must remember that we are not them and therefore may not need to be working on the things they are working on even if they tell us we should be. However, our Spiritual Direction will include an element of Service.

If we are truly interested in something, really drawn to it, then we should check it out. It may be that in a past life we were heavily involved in this and actually need to leave that and move on to something else. Usually we end up not being able to follow through, losing interest or some other thing gets in the way of our pursuing those things that are interesting but not what we need to be working on.

Working on all of these spiritual attributes will naturally lead us to the people and experiences we need to find and follow our individual Spiritual Direction. Often we follow our Spiritual Direction for a long time before we realise that we have been doing so because our particular Spiritual Direction may not have a label attached to it.

We have Spiritual Teachers, Spiritual Healers and Spiritual Explorers and within those categories there are many variations, some with labels and others yet to be given labels. What you call it is not important. What you do with it is what matters. Thus Spiritual Direction flows between Integrity and Innocence/Harmlessness. If what we are wanting to do with our lives is not governed by Integrity and Innocence/Harmlessness then we are not walking in the Light. In order to master physical existence we have to spiritually become Unconditional LOVE existing in the LIGHT.