Spiritual Attunement

Following on from our last two lessons is  Gate 28, Path 28  which flows between the Foundation of Innocence/Harmlessness and the Victory of Serenity. The spiritual attribute of path 28 is Spiritual Attunement, the intelligence is the Natural Intelligence and its name is Fish Hook. The crystal for Spiritual Attunement is Black Kyanite.

The Natural Intelligence, being the intelligence of the nature of all things possible in creation allows us to attune to specific things already in existence, things that have been in existence and things that have the potential to exist. Thus Spiritual Attunement is an attribute that can assist us in many areas of our lives.

Obvious connections to Spiritual Attunement are Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Mediumship and others that may or may not have labels. 

To aid in someone’s healing we can Spiritually Attune to their illness. We don’t want to physically attune to it as that is when we can unwittingly take on the symptoms and in extreme cases, the illness itself. It is the same principle at the emotional and mental levels. 

We need to be able to attune to get a sense of it while remaining detached so that we can bring in any other spiritual attribute that is useful to bring about a successful outcome.

This principle applies to attuning to the past, present and future as well. 

As an aid to the process of Creation we can use Spiritual Attunement to connect with that which is still in potential relating to what we are building up in our imagination. Then our Intuition can come into play to help us decide which way to go with it. We can Spiritually Attune to the present to help us Discern what already successfully exists that we can use for our Creation. We can also use Spiritual Attunement to find out how similar creations were Initiated in the past or how they could be potentially Initiated now. 

What is given here is a starting point from which we can all individually expand from.

It is important to note that Spiritual Attunement is an attribute to be used in Innocence/Harmlessness, from a place of Serenity and always respecting the privacy and free will of others.