Gate 32, the 32nd path of the Tree of Life flows between the Foundation of Innocence/Harmlessness and the Kingdom of the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. The spiritual attribute of path 32 is Service, the intelligence is the Administrative Intelligence and its name is Mark or Cross. The crystal of Service is Aquamarine.

Where would we be without administrations and administrators? We often complain about them but their purpose is to ensure order instead of chaos. The Administrative Intelligence is a spiritual administration and a taking charge of your own spiritual growth, in Service. 

Nothing will ever come to anyone on the spiritual path if they just sit back and think about it. We do place a great emphasis on thinking, meditating and contemplating, but that is only part of it. The other part is actively applying the principles and knowledge gained in Service as well as in every aspect of life.

Service can be working as a volunteer in some worthwhile organisation. It can be Service among our family, simply because we are better people because we have put certain spiritual principals into practice in our lives. 

Service has nothing to do with exalted positions, although people can serve in such places. We serve wherever we are and take whatever opportunities come to us. We serve under the great administration of the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet we call Earth. Our Hierarchy is also known as the Great White Brotherhood. 

The Spiritual Hierarchy knows what needs to be done on this planet, knows where each and every one of its members can serve the best and places the opportunity for that best Service in front of them. Therefore we serve where we are and can be assured that we are serving in the right place.

Just note where this path is, between Innocence/Harmlessness and the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. In our Service we are to be ever harmless, ever innocent of hurting anyone or doing anything wrong. We serve with all the light of our spiritual being. We throw our light around everywhere we go. That is a part of our Service. 

We can choose to walk this path of Service into our future. We can serve where we are placed and can bring to our Service all of our knowledge, all of our wisdom, all of our understanding that we have gained from life so far, plus what we will gain as we continue. 

It is important to note that Service is not running our self into ill health for the sake of others. There must be a balance between taking care of our own needs and servicing the needs of others. That is often a very hard lesson to learn.