Now we will look at Gate 6, Path 7. The spiritual attribute of path seven is Serenity, the name of the path is Victory and the intelligence is the Occult Intelligence. 

I’m sure we all have our own idea of what Serenity is or at least what we think it should be. Peaceful, calm, quiet, relaxing are all words that should come to mind when thinking about Serenity. We are all different and so what activities or circumstances would help one of us to experience a state of Serenity might well be different for another. Of course there are some things that help most human beings to relax, calm down and feel at peace. These are things we should try to have more of in our lives as they not only help us to attain Serenity but also assist us to grow and evolve in our development and use of all the Spiritual Attributes. Things like listening to music, meditating, sitting quietly in contemplation and so forth.

Serenity is more than relaxing, calming down or feeling peaceful. Those are steps along the way to achieving a state of Serenity. Once it is attained Serenity is maintained. Therefore it is a Victory of sorts to actually get to that point where you exist in a state of Serenity. 

The Occult Intelligence deals with those things that are hidden. The Laws of the physical universe were hidden from humankind for centuries and even today with all the scientific knowledge that we have there are still many physical and many more metaphysical principles that are hidden from us. Our spiritual journey is one of expansions of consciousness where we grasp the principles behind our very existence. We do not have to understand them in the terms of the physical scientist and in many ways our understanding brings us to a state of Serenity concerning the meaning of life that at this stage physical science is at a loss to give.

Humanity evolves in a series of revelations where what was once hidden becomes revealed. When we can see the bigger picture of life and the universe we can be serene in the knowledge that there is a Divine purpose behind our existence and that we are part of a Divine plan. Until we can see that bigger picture we can only have faith that it is so and trust in our own spiritual process.

Perhaps by gradually letting go of those things that stir us up mentally and emotionally, by seeking out people and activities that empower us and honouring ourselves as Creations of the Divine we can gradually achieve that state of Serenity.