We now come to the path of Selfworth, Gate 44, Hidden Path 12 which flows between Forgiveness and Justice/Dispassion. 

Lack of self-forgiveness contributes to low self-esteem. Being able to look at ourselves with Dispassion at how we conduct ourselves in life can help us to identify those areas in which we do indeed excel. Seeing those areas that need improvement and putting in the effort to do better is something to be justifiably proud of. We can give ourselves permission to see and acknowledge the good we do. Being mindful of True Humility we can build Selfworth that has nothing in common with an inflated ego. 

We have gone through many trials in life and have worked hard to learn the lessons and grow as spiritual people. Seeing the merit of all the hard work we have done, we can also see the true importance of ourselves as people who have a positive influence on those around us in life. 

Our growth can be seen by others and we will find that people are being drawn to us more than before. We can look beyond the mundane and see the beauty that surrounds us and assist others to do likewise. We now “walk the talk” as they say, leading by example.

As we grow in Selfworth we find we don’t need to do anything to become noticed. We now have no emotional need to be noticed and when we have something to contribute people do take notice of us for all the right reasons.