At last it is safe to focus on  Gate 43, H idden Path 11. The spiritual attribute of this path is Selflessness which flows between Conscience and Compassion. 

Selflessness is when we do things without any thought of Self such as self-gain, self-preservation, self-promotion and such like.

It is not losing Self for it is our Self-consciousness that allows us as Souls to experience life in this physical realm. As spiritually evolving beings we are expected to be Selfless but only to a certain extent which is according to Right Action. 

Some few of us may have a life course that leads us to lay down our lives for the good of others. That selfless act is not required of most of us. Many of us would have done this very thing in a past life. We have been developing and perfecting Selflessness for many lifetimes. 

It is important that we have built up a strong Selfworth and Charity towards ourselves before we focus on it so that we don’t turn it into unnecessary self-sacrifice. That is why we have focussed on almost all the other spiritual attributes before doing this one. We would already be operating under a subconscious urge towards Selflessness and the other spiritual attributes help us to put Selflessness into perspective according to Right Action.

Those of us who tend to be selfish need to make a conscious effort to become more unselfish. Those of us who tend to be very unselfish so as to be used by everyone need to work on becoming a little bit selfish. Our Selfworth is heavily influenced by this process as is Selflessness. We may need to purge ourselves of the opinions of those people who have not been Charitable in their opinions of our worth over time. The only person allowed by Cosmic Law to judge us is ourselves and the Spiritual Attributes can assist us to make a true and honest judgement that allows us to see where we still need to grow.