Eternal Persistence

Here we are at Gate 16, Path 16 which flows between the Wisdom of Forgiveness and the Mercy of Compassion. The spiritual attribute of path 16 is Eternal Persistence and the intelligence is the Triumphant and Eternal Intelligence.  Its name is Hook or Nail. The crystal for Eternal Persistence is Aventurine.

Eternal Persistence is our ability to see things through to completion as we walk our path through life. It operates in physical plane life as perseverance, tenacity and stubbornness. Spiritually is ensures our eternal existence in some form as we evolve and experience all levels of existence.

Flowing between Forgiveness and Compassion shows us that the path of eternal life is one of Compassion and Forgiveness. We consider that we have life here in the physical. Physical life is really one of the lowest forms of life within eternal existence. Here we can be unforgiving and uncompassionate and still have life. What kind of life is it though? Eaten up by hate and the desire for revenge. Uncaring of the plight of others. Being subjected to the whims of people like that. Who wants to exist in a world like that for eternity? The only way we can escape it and move into a world where Compassion and Forgiveness prevail is to develop them so that we resonate with that level of existence.

How do we develop them? We persist in our efforts to follow a path of Right Action in everything we think, say and do. We work on, utilise and strengthen all the spiritual attributes that we can. 

The various things that happen to us as we go through our physical lives give us the opportunities to develop all the spiritual attributes. All we have to do is be persistent and tenacious but never stubborn. Stubbornness is when we persist in continuing with something that is not going to work. 

We call on our Discernment and Intuition to help us to know when to desist with something. Prudence prompts us to take notice of the signs and inner feelings that are trying to tell us that it is time to desist and move on.

Acceptance and Allowance help us to be Dispassionate and Serene enabling us to persist in our endeavours when most people would give up in frustration.