Now to consider Gate 22, Path 22 which flows between the Severity of Justice/Dispassion and the Beauty of Integrity. The spiritual attribute of Path 22 is Righteousness, its intelligence is the Faithful Intelligence and its name is Ox Goad. The crystal for Righteousness is Amazonite.

We have spoken a lot in these lessons about Right Action. It should be clear now we are discussing Righteousness that a path of Right Action is a path where Righteousness goads us into doing what is right to the best of our knowledge and ability at the time. 

Righteousness is not linked or limited to any particular belief system or religion. That kind of righteousness is often reduced to a form of self-righteousness that conforms to an individual’s or group’s interpretation of what is right or wrong. 

The spiritual attribute of Righteousness conforms to Cosmic Law which often works out in very mysterious and unexpected ways so that mankind often misinterprets righteous outcomes to be unfair or wrong. We spoke in an earlier lesson about righteous anger. More often than not it is self-righteous anger that drives people to seek what they see as Justice. Dispassion goes out the window and a seething need for revenge and restitution takes over.

We don’t have to know for sure if something is righteous or not. We can make it a “Rule of Our Being” that we are constantly aligned to Righteousness no matter what happens. This gives permission to our Soul and our Spirit Guides to goad us into doing what is best for us and others when we are confused and unsure of what is the right thing to do. 

The Faithful Intelligence helps us to remain steadfast in our choices of action or being. We make those “Rules of Our Being” and faithfully follow them to the best of our ability. Problems arise when we are faithful to what is not right according to Cosmic Law and also personally not right for us. Cosmic Law is what keeps the Universe with all its dimensions and levels of existence functioning harmoniously. It functions at the level of our individuality too so what is right for us as individuals should be respected and acted upon. However, in the bigger picture, an individual may have to sacrifice what is right for them individually for the benefit of a group. This is where a lesser good gives way to a greater good. The one making the sacrifice will be compensated at another time.

It needs to be noted here that while often it is righteous for an individual to sacrifice themselves for others it is not always the case. We should be selective in the sacrifices that we make. If we are continually denying ourselves then we may be hindering our positive personal growth. This then denies the world group the benefit of our growth and development and may hinder the growth of those we are sacrificing ourselves for because they have not been forced to deal with the situations they need for their growth and development.

Our Righteousness feeds our Integrity and our Integrity keeps us on a path of Righteousness.