We will now look at Gate 48, Hhidden Path 16, Respect which flows between Forgiveness and Innocence/ Harmlessness. There are three aspects to consider. Firstly, what and who have we come to Respect as we travel our spiritual journey? As we have progressed with our spiritual growth we would have modified our personal criteria for earning our Respect. Thus the answer to this will vary from person to person. It is time for us to be clear about what and who we respect.

Another aspect to this spiritual attribute of Respect concerns our growth into a person who earns the Respect of others. What caliber of person do we want to be? Do we want the Respect of those we cannot Respect? If we do then how could we gain that Respect without becoming like them? Is that possible? It is necessary to ask these questions of ourselves from time to time as we grow and evolve. It forces us to look deeply within ourselves and at the people we admire or look up to as well as those people we disrespect. 

We need to make sure that our role models are worthy of our Respect. Sometimes it is very hard to accept that someone we looked up to and Respected highly does not now meet our criteria for Respect. That may be because we have seen another side to them or it could be that we have moved forward and see things differently now. We must be mindful of being Innocent of harming them as we move on and work on forgiving them if necessary.

Self-Respect is the other aspect of the spiritual attribute of Respect. We often harm ourselves with the life choices we make because we have little or no Self-Respect. We may not even be aware of this. We may also be subconsciously punishing ourselves for things we deem unforgivable. Selfworth and Self-Respect are very closely associated. Both have Forgiveness in common.

 We can also consider what society deems respectable. Sometimes to earn spiritual Respect we have to challenge society‚Äôs respectability. At other times we need to uphold it.