Let’s discuss  Gate 31  Path 31, Purity which flows between the Splendour of True Humility and the Kingdom of the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. The intelligence of this path is the Perpetual Intelligence. Its name is Tooth or Fang. The crystal for Purity is Red/Orange Calcite.

In the beginning of our individual Soul journeys in human form we descended into matter and had to operate by the rules of survival. The only Right Action was that which allowed us to survive and reproduce at the expense of anyone or anything weaker. Thus we lost our innocence and embraced a very dirty road of survival for many lives.

Eventually we individually reached a point on this grimy road where we caught glimpses in consciousness of our Pure Soul and realised that we must purify our lower, physically enslaved self to become the perfect mirror image of our Soul. Thus evolved the physical purification rites that are part of so many ancient religious practices.

By now we realise that we have to take care of our physical bodies if we want them to last as long as we need them to in order for us to progress as far as possible in any given lifetime. Fasting before praying or meditating is not enough and can in fact be harmful to our physical bodies. We need to have an ongoing (perpetual) regime of eating and living in a consistently healthy way. This is the only physical purification we need. 

Our purifying process needs to be happening within our Emotional and Mental bodies now. Shedding those thoughts and ideas that muddy our emotional experiences is a priority. Most of us would be actively working on this by now and have been for many lifetimes. We probably hadn’t linked it to a Spiritual Attribute though so perhaps it is encouraging to know that something we are already working on is the important Spiritual Attribute of Purity.

This process of purification will bring up all kinds of issues for us to deal with and this can cause a lot of turmoil for a short time, a whole lifetime or many lifetimes.

We may make what we are satisfied with as good progress forwards on becoming a better person only to come up against something that throws us backwards a bit. As long as we acknowledge the slip and get back with our “program” of improvement we are actually still well into the flow of Purity. The “two steps forward and one step backwards” process is to be expected. The purification process is not one big raging fire from which we emerge like the Phoenix from the ashes but is a series of experiential fires bringing about a gradual purification of the connection between the Soul and the physical vehicle it is currently attempting to master.

Purifying our Ego is an important part of our process of building our Vehicle of Light. The Ego is a reflection of the Soul within the personality. An inflated Ego is one that is filled by the essence of the personality while a Soul infused Ego expresses True Humility.