We now come to Gate 18, Path 18. The intelligence for path 18 is the Intelligence of the House of Influence and the spiritual attribute is Prudence. Its name is Field or Fence and it flows between the Understanding of Conscience and the Severity of Justice/Dispassion. The crystal for Prudence is Bloodstone.

Prudence is the wisdom of caution, of wise limits, a wisdom usually gained through experience. The Intelligence of the House of Influence promotes the development of Prudence because it creates limitations which help us to grow and evolve. Initially we struggle against these limitations but eventually we come to realise that we have to work with them in order to progress. 

A prudent person works within limitations that they cannot remove. A prudent person at first tries to remove limitations as that may be exactly what that life lesson is all about. If it becomes obvious that those limitations are not dissolving then it is usually prudent to work within the space they provide. Therefore we must use our Discernment and our Intuition when it comes to evaluating limitations. 

Quite often Right Action means limiting ourselves. Impulsive action based on passionate emotions often leads to disaster. Action based on a sound plan has the potential for success.

The Rules of Our Being that we have sanctified should provide us with prudent guidelines. Looking dispassionately at our life situations, being mindful of innocence/Harmlessness towards ourselves and the Brotherhood of humanity, calling on our Discernment and Intuition should help us to create the Rules of Our Being that will automatically place positive limitations and break down negative limitations as we walk our Spiritual Path.  

The limitations of the physical world we consciously live in provide the framework within which our Spiritual and our Psychic development can take place. Psychic gifts can become limiting if we do not have the Spiritual development to support them. There comes a time on the Spiritual Path when we have to let go of the more obvious and exciting lower Psychic gifts to allow the more subtle, almost invisible but vastly more powerful, higher psychic gifts to develop. 

When we do this we may feel like we have no special gifts. The way forward is to focus on becoming the best person we can be and a time will come when the Light of Our Spiritual Vehicles is so bright it will be acknowledged that we can be trusted to wield Spiritual Power in ways we could not imagine.