Gate 36, Hidden Path 4 Patience, flows between Unconditional Love and Compassion. Patience would have to be one of the hardest spiritual attributes to attain. We seem to come into this world wanting everything immediately and have to learn that we have to wait. 

We also seem to find it very hard to have patience with other people for various reasons. Maybe they are too slow or too quick. Maybe they are a bit different to what we consider to be normal. The list goes on and I’m sure we can all add to it.

Our individual spiritual process may be long and arduous. On that journey we have to be able to allow things to unfold, accept things that we cannot change or avoid, be patient with the amount of time it is taking and patient with ourselves for not “getting it” quickly enough.

If someone in our lives is really trying our patience then perhaps drawing on our Compassion will help us to be patient. Even if we don’t understand this person and why they are the way they are we should try to see them at the Soul level in Unconditional Love. We may need to draw on Dispassion in order to do this. What is it about them that is causing us to be so impatient with them? Discernment and Intuition could be useful tools here.

We will never be able to simply snap our fingers and be patient. It is usually a long process that requires patience in itself. So by trying to be patient with the process of becoming a patient person we activate the spiritual attribute of patience. By trying to be patient with difficult people and situations in our lives we activate the spiritual attribute of patience.

This principle works for most of the spiritual attributes. By trying to express a particular spiritual attribute we give it the energy it requires to grow in strength. We have to accept that is it a long process and be patient with that process and ourselves.

Perhaps you have noticed that it is very hard to be patient with people or situations that you can’t tolerate very well so working on becoming more tolerant should assist you to become more patient.