This is a good time to look at Gate 47, Hidden Path 15 Loyalty, which flows between Conscience and Innocence/Harmlessness. It is a rare human being who has no Loyalty to anything at all. We naturally form Loyalties as we progress from infancy to childhood to adolescence into adulthood. By adulthood or even earlier we may have a need to re-examine our Loyalties.

Our Loyalty is very much under the influence of the Rules of Our Being that our Conscience operates under. As we modify those Rules of Our Being our Loyalty often needs to be adjusted too. However it is not always an automatic thing. Quite often it is a change in Loyalty that brings about a change in the Rules of Our Being as well. 

Unless we are one of those rare individuals who has no functioning Loyalty we are usually Loyal to those people and ideals we Love, Respect, Trust and have Faith in. it is our duty to ourselves to make sure that we are Loyal to someone, some thing, some ideal etc. for all the right reasons. We really don’t have to develop the spiritual attribute of Loyalty as we already have that activated.

What are those right reasons? They are many and varied according to our individual lives but there are some general things we can look at. We may have developed the habit of Loyalty to someone or something and that Loyalty is now inappropriate to who we now are. Do we still Love, Respect, Trust or have Faith in what or who we are Loyal too? Are we Loyal to something or someone that causes harm in the world? 

If we feel we have been disloyal we should ask ourselves what caused us to be disloyal. Is it something we need to work on and make amends for? Is it that we have moved on and it is our alignment with Right Action that made remaining Loyal impossible? Have we been betrayed?

It is often said that we should be Loyal to family members simply because they are family. We would be seen as disloyal if we handed a family member into the police when they have obviously committed a crime. We would be disloyal to that person but it is a necessary disloyalty so that we can remain Loyal to our high ideal of Right Action. We may cause harm to others if we remained Loyal to this person and allowed them to get away with their crime. This is but one example to show what it is that we need to focus on with our development of Loyalty.